WWE News: Backstage Update On Lawsuit Between CM Punk And Doctor Chris Amann

One month has gone by since Chris Amann, WWE’s lead doctor, sued CM Punk and Colt Cabana for defamation on the infamous, “Colt Cabana podcast” with Punk. In that podcast, Punk finally admitted everything about WWE, especially a few remarks about WWE’s lead doctor that could be seen as slander. The interesting part was that WWE accused Punk of lying about his staph infection.

The controversy was elongated, due to the fact that WWE posted a video on their website by saying Punk never had staph all along. After a day of internet searches and Internet Wrestling Community members finding images of Punk’s staph infection, it was clear that WWE picked a video, the 2014 Royal Rumble, which showed no sign of a staph infection.

It was later found out that Punk got the staph infection fixed, therefore proving the WWE wrong. To Punk’s credit, it is very hard to lie about something like staph infection. For the first time since late February, there’s an update on this situation. According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE may have been involved in the lawsuit on CM Punk after all.

“There was speculation after WWE’s Doctor Chris Amann filed a defamation lawsuit against CM Punk and Colt Cabana a few months back that WWE surely had something to do with it. A source recently stated that WWE did not provide any support in the lawsuit but they absolutely knew it was coming. It was described as a ‘do what you have to do but we’re not getting involved’ type of situation.”

What does this mean for WWE? Nothing will happen soon, as it won’t be settled for quite some time. While WWE handles WrestleMania and any other details regarding Brock Lesnar’s WWE contract, the Punk lawsuit is probably the last thing on their mind at the moment. As for Chris Amann, the same ideals are presumably there as well.

Punk isn’t taking shots at WWE during his time with the UFC. He’s simply training for his next fight, which should be in the fall. There hasn’t been any word on a potential court hearing to discuss the parameters of the lawsuit. What would WWE and Chris Amann want out of that? It will be very hard to win, because Punk should have the medical papers confirming his staph infection was taken care of.

WWE should know one thing about CM Punk; he’s a very intelligent man. That’s not to say WWE isn’t wise as well, because they are a worldwide corporation for a reason. This case is not over, as more updates will come out of it in the coming months.

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