Amy Duggar Kiss 3 Months: Instagram ‘Rebel’ Cousin’s PDA, Puckering Breaks Courtship Protocol?

Evidently, Amy Duggar walks to the beat of her own drum, and she has an Instagram image of a kiss that proves it. The aspiring musician, an unmarried niece of 19 Kids and Counting clan patriarch, Jim Bob Duggar, posted kissing selfies and other photos with her new boyfriend of only three months. Fishwrapper wrote that Amy laughed off her uncle’s strict courtship rules.

The Stir is calling Amy Duggar’s kiss seen from around the world the latest “controversy” in the family. It also quipped that Michelle and her husband have probably called several meetings to discuss the “how-dare-you-post-those-selfies” moment their seemingly “rebellious” niece created.

The kissing pictures in question are of Amy and Dillion King, her new suitor of three months. In others, they are either cuddling or showing off a bit of PDA, both of which are too much to handle for the alpha Duggars and their 19 Kids. But one only has to put matters in perspective to realize that things are not what they seem, at least not for the main character in this tale.

For one, Amy is a relative of the Duggar stars. And while she is Christian and practices her faith, she believes that it does not mean she is free of sin. Furthermore, she doesn’t think she could meet a person she is fond of without showing some sign of affection: a kiss, a pucker, a hug or some form of touching, all of which are forbidden in the main Duggar family household — even after three months of dating.

Amy is known for posting cryptic messages on social media. Oftentimes, the messages aren’t hard to decipher, and many readers associate them with her desire for the Duggar clan to accept her despite a lack of hardened religiosity. One such message was posted seven days ago, apparently an Instagram retweet of another user.


Amy Duggar’s kiss snaps on Instagram aside, if you’re keeping up with the latest gossip of the Duggar family, some readers think the messages are aimed at her uncle. Others think the comments are simply meant to fend off the “haters,” as Amy describes the naysayers and blessing-blockers.

However, Jim Bob, Michelle and their bundles of joy embrace Amy, and have not imposed a blockade on her at the main house. Despite her unwillingness to adopt their courtship practices and conservatism, the reality TV family members extend open arms to her. And if there are any rifts, they are done off-camera; her cameo appearances are without incident.

Do you think Amy Duggar’s kiss selfie on Instagram — after three months of dating — is inappropriate and a slight against her strict relatives? Or is the free-spirited country singer just living her life based on her own script?

While you’re at it, check out Amy’s new single, “Beautiful Weather.”

[Photo credit: Amy Duggar’s official Instagram via Fishwrapper]

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