[OP-ED] Chris Brown Actually Thinks His Grammy Win Vindicates His Behavior

Chris Brown is an idiot. There’s no better way to explain the mans actions. After he viciously beat down ex-girlfriend Rihanna three years ago we knew he had a temper, when he trashed a dressing room at Good Morning America because of questions raised about that violent act we knew he was unhinged and a court agreed ordering him to take anger management classes and now he’s showboating over his Grammy win while swearing at people who don’t agree with his victory. Unfortunately many of his fans were quick to forgive him, even though he gave very little reason to do so based on his actions, specifically his pompous attitude.

Following what many people believed was a Grammy appearance that happened too early after his Grammy day beating of Rihanna three years ago Chris Brown actually had the nerve to consider himself vindicated, tweeting of his Grammy award:


No Chris the ultimate FUCK OFF! goes out to you. It’s bad enough that you’re too stupid to realize that people could care less about your Grammy win, it’s even worse that you were too stupid to realize your statement was going to create backlash and then you quickly removed the Twitter message as if it would simply go away.

In his tweets Chris Brown actually chose to say “we select who to hate” as if the general public just decided one day “that Chris Brown dude is an idiot, let’s all hate him.” When in reality those who decided to hate him did so because he violently punched his girlfriend in the face and because he destroyed a GMA dressing room while throwing a 2-year-old sized temper tantrum.

As if the first tweets he sent weren’t enough Brown quickly tweeted:

“IM BACK SO WATCH MY BaCK as I walk away from all this negativity #teambreezygrammy.”

Honestly nobody has managed to walk into negativity more then Chris Brown, if not busily punching women in the face he’s posting comments telling people to “FUCK OFF!” while attempting to divert negativity away from himself by blaming people for targeting him.

The honest truth is that Chris Brown is a great singer, probably one of the better R&B voices currently attached to at least a major label and getting play on mainstream radio, but it’s not his voice but rather the disturbing fact that many of his fans don’t care that he’s a degenerate. For example check out these tweets sent by several fans:

Like I’ve said multiple times before, Chris Brown can beat me all he wants… I’d do anything to have him oh my.


Dude, Chris Brown can punch me in the face all he wants to, just as long as he kisses it.

As one commenter noted:

Don’t talk bad about Chris he will beat you down! and it appears a lot of Twitter girls wouldnt mind getting a smackdown from Chris- which is just strange.

To the disturbed fans who posted such ignorant comments about Chris Brown and violence towards you, here’s to hoping you get punched in the eye, the face, the neck or wherever else he choose in the near future, I think I hear wedding bells in your future with Chris Brown, then again perhaps its just the sound of your head ringing from a swift punch to the temple.

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