Perro Aguayo Jr. Death Video Shows That Wrestler’s Fatal In-Ring Accident May Have Been Preventable

Video showing the death of wrestler Perro Aguayo Jr. may indicate that the 35-year-old’s fatal accident was preventable.

The Mexican wrestler died during an in-ring accident in a match that took place March 20 involving former WWE star Rey Mysterio.

Perro was fighting Mysterio and Xtreme Tiger in Tijuana when the accident occurred. As Perro was climbing back into the ring, Mysterio issued a dropkick that sent Perro falling into the ropes.

As FW4 Online noted, the awkward landing into the ropes snapped Perro’s neck.

“It is not clear whether Aguayo Jr. was selling or not when he first hit the ropes to get ready for the 619. He may have already been injured falling on the ropes, or, while selling, and being positioned badly, when Manik fell into the ropes to set up a double 619 spot, that was when the ropes whiplashed him, although it was likely the first spot immediately.

“Sources who were at Hospital del Prado in Tijuana have said that the initial cause of death was cervical spine trauma coming from when the ropes snapped his neck.”

Video of Perro Aguayo Jr.’s death can be seen below (be warned, it may be graphic to some viewers). The sequence that leads to the fatal accident starts just after the six-minute mark, when Aguayo is thrown from the ring and then climbs back up before being drop-kicked by Rey Mysterio. The video shows Perro slumping over after hitting the rope and remaining motionless.

Another video shows the aftermath of the fatal accident, with the lifeless Aguayo resting on the ropes while action continues on around him.

To many, the Perro Aguayo Jr. death video shows that the fatal accident could have possibly been prevented. Some have suggested that steel ropes used in the Mexican AAA wrestling association played a role. The WWE and many independent associations use rope made from hemp, which can be more yielding than steel.

That remains only a theory, however, and it has not yet been confirmed whether the AAA actually uses steel ropes or not.

Others say that Perro Aguayo Jr. death video shows other mistakes that could have prevented the wrestler’s death. Even though Perro immediately slumped over the rope after falling into it, the action continues on around him for nearly two full minutes before medical personnel finally begin working on him. During that time, other wrestlers, perhaps not realizing the severity of his injury, try to move Aguayo, which medical experts say can worsen a neck injury.

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