No, Super Mario Bros. Is Not Coming To Your Mobile, At Least Not The Old Ones

When Nintendo announced that they were beginning to develop mobile games, the collective of gamers began to wonder if it meant Super Mario Bros. might be coming to their iOS or Android device. The short answer is no, but one could argue they might be in another way. While the characters might find their way into mobile games, the style of game that made Super Mario and Nintendo famous might never grace our OLED screens.

That is an important difference to note as well.

When Nintendo held its investor call earlier this week, the Inquisitr reported the Japanese game developer had joined forces with mobile games publisher DeNA to bring new and popular games (such as a new Super Mario) to mobile. Many thought this might have meant we’d see the aging platformers on our phones without needing an emulator to make it possible. What it actually means is that Nintendo might include Super Mario and his friends in new games designed specifically with mobile devices in mind.

In the end, coding a game to your device is always better than trying to port a game over. In the case of Super Mario Bros., that would mean bringing a game from the 1980s over to a modern device. While console platformers might not handle very well to begin with on an iPhone screen, the issue of bringing Super Mario Bros. over from the NES might’ve made matters worse, as the port might not have been decent.

With DeNA helping Nintendo craft all new adventures and games for Mario, Link, Yoshi and others, fans of Nintendo will just have another way to enjoy and experience the iconic characters Nintendo brings to the table. As a result, gamers won’t be forced to deal with emulated controls on a touchscreen that were never designed to be used that way. Instead, whatever new Super Mario game that DeNA and Nintendo create will be an experience created specifically for that platform, and therefore be designed and optimized to work that way.

While many might be sad they will likely not see an official version of Super Mario 3 or The Legend of Zelda grace their phone screens, consumers can rest assured knowing that whatever Nintendo is cooking up will be good. Especially with the recent run the company has been on, topping software sales in February, as reported by Game Informer. Maybe the next Super Mario game can top the App Store rankings as well?

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