Woman Posts Facebook Advert Offering $500 To Get Her Pregnant

A Romanian woman has taken to her Facebook account offering men the opportunity to impregnate her. In fact, she’s even willing to pay them $500 to do it.

According to the Mirror, 25-year-old Adelina Albu has clearly grown tired of trying to become matched up with her ideal partner, and rather than pursuing the father of her child down a regular avenue, she simply decided to take to Facebook to ask her pals to help her out.

In her native tongue, Albu wrote, “Rather than wasting my time on a pointless relationship I’m going to pay for it. For $500 you have fun, I get a baby.”

The brooding young woman, who hails from Timisoara in west Romania, added that she’s “too independent” to prosper in a relationship. However, she still clearly wants a child, which is why she decided to create her unique Facebook advert.

In it, she added that she’s not at all interested in either a boyfriend or a husband, noting that all “men are so immature,” before adding that “all they think about is themselves.” She then declared that she doesn’t have an issue meeting men, but she does have a problem “meeting one who wants a baby.”

Once Albu has her child, she expects the man who knocked her up to hand over all the responsibility and rights for the child to her, which will leave her to raise either him or her on her own.

Albu explained that before they have sex, the man she picks would have to get a fertility test before he then signs off his rights.

As you can imagine, Albu was immediately inundated with responses from males interested in her post. While some female users praised her for being so independent, one comment from a female friend of hers read, “Well done! I admire you. Don’t let yourself be affected by men who faint when they see a syringe. They don’t know the sacrifices we women have to go through having a child.”

However, it seems as though Adelina wasn’t too impressed with the responses that she got from the males, as she later scribed, “So far I am not impressed with the responses as I get the impression they are not taking it seriously.”

[Image via The Mirror]

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