Kim Kardashian Goes Back To Her Roots, Changes Her Platinum Blonde Hair

Kim Kardashian appears to be sick of her platinum blonde hair. She took a recent photo of herself with her trademark dark brown locks just weeks after going blonde at Paris Fashion Week, TMZ reports. Kim shared the photo with her fans on Twitter and Instagram, where she happens to be at a Calabasas location.

Kardashian shared a photo of herself with famed photographer, Ellen von Unwerth. It sounds like this famous sister is having another photo shoot. TMZ noted that von UnWerth specializes in “erotic femininity.” Fans are no wondering if Kardashian is going brunette and naked for another photo shoot.


The 34-year-old reality star captioned the photo: “On set a few days ago with the amazing @ellenvonunwerth Can’t wait for you to see the projects we’ve been working on!”

Some fans are also wondering if Kim’s new look is just a wig. But the Daily Mail reported that she changed hair color just a day after she was getting her platinum blonde hair lightened. Kim was first spotted with her brunette hair while driving her Mercedes G-Class SUV. She was checking her reflection in the rear view mirror.

Kardashian’s signature dark hair was perfectly centered down the middle, the news site reports. It appears that it’s not a wig after all. Kardashian just had her roots touched up at a Los Angeles hair salon. She shared the photo with her Instagram followers and said, “Being blonde is a full time job!”


It sounds like Kim was sick of being a platinum blonde, so she went back to her roots. Or, maybe she wanted to touch up her roots, but to also have the option to wear a dark brown wig. That way, Kim won’t have to worry about getting as many touch ups. She can just wait for her dark roots to grow in.

Maybe being a blonde is a full time job. Some of Kardashian’s family members think she’s being “selfish” for dyeing her hair platinum blonde. The Independent says that some of the family hates how much attention Kardashian has received for her platinum blonde hair.

“The whole family, aside from [matriarch] Kris [Jenner], of course, thinks that Kim’s intentions with going blonde [while abroad] are purely selfish. She is supposed to be in Paris supporting Kendall, and the fact that she dyed her hair and did this drastic overhaul to one-up her younger sister is quite pathetic.”

It could bethe real reason why Kim went back to dark brown hair. However, this should be taken as hearsay, and not the spoken truth. Do you like Kim Kardashian better as a blonde or a brunette?

[Images: Kim Kardashian via Instagram]

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