Jessica Lange: Lady Gaga Checking Into ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ Makes Lange Shudder With Horror [Video]

Jessica Lange is too ladylike to be outrightly rude about Lady Gaga. But when the actress discovered that the pop singer was set to star in American Horror Story, she made her horror clear, reported the Daily Mail.

At 65, Lange has enjoyed a long string of successes (and a few flops) in film and TV. But as the American Horror Story franchise continues to happily horrify its happy fans, Jessica is making it clear that she won’t be among them if and when Gaga gets on board.

The subtle diss came from Jessica during a panel discussion among the American Horror Story: Freak Show cast at the Paley Center for Media’s yearly event.

“Does Gaga convince you to stay for another season?” the moderator questioned Jessica.

“What does that mean? I don’t understand the question,” languished Lange.

Rather than slam Lady Gaga for what will be her role in the AHS franchise, Jessica used her expertise at body language to wince and non-verbally whine about the pop singer’s ability to act. Watch below.

While Lange has become a familiar face on the series for five years, she made the decision to exit before Lady Gaga was set to star in the soon-to-be new season for American Horror Story: Hotel.

However, Jessica did take time to thank (out loud) Ryan Murphy, the creator of that show as well as Glee.

“In all the madness, I have loved my writers and the actors and Ryan [Murphy] and the whole insanity of it.”

But Lady Gaga might not want to take Jessica’s subtle slam personally. The actress also shunned Lea Michele, star of Glee and Murphy’s upcoming Scream Queens, acting as if she didn’t even hear the 28-year-old actress greeting her recently at a prestigious red carpet event. Watch below.

So what else is known about the upcoming season of American Horror Story? In addition to Lady Gaga, Matt Bomer and Cheyenne Jackson will star, according to Us Weekly.

Matt previously appeared on AHS: Freak Show while Jackson showed up on Ryan’s now-ended Glee as the scary Vocal Adrenaline coach and New Directions’ enemy Dustin Goolsby.

Ryan Murphy hasn’t forgotten about Glee star Lea Michele, as the Inquisitr reported. Along with Emma Roberts, Lea is set to star in Murphy’s other new show, Scream Queens.

What do you think about Jessica Lange’s response to the Lady Gaga question? Too rude or just real? Post your comments below.

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