Is Chris Brown Playing House With Baby Mama?

Is Chris Brown trying to make a family with his baby mama? Hollywood Life reports that the “Loyal” singer is allegedly considering moving Nia Amey into his Los Angeles home, where the two of them would raise their 9-month-old daughter together. If this is true, then it looks like the celebrity rumor mill is going to be very busy — especially since the new father is notoriously bad at relationships and is known to juggle women.

A source supposedly close to Brown told the gossip rag that he’s building a strong relationship with the mother of his daughter and is even planning on moving her out to Los Angeles.

“And yes, her living with him – it’s on his mind and he’s trying to figure out just how that would work. He knows Nia wants to move to LA. It’s a lot cheaper for him to move her in with him that it would be to set her up on her own.”

Hollywood Life speculates that this kind of decision could crush Karrueche Tran, who recently publicly dumped Brown over the revelation that he had fathered a child — and kept it secret from her as well as the rest of the world. To be clear, the so-called friend of Brown’s who leaked this info — if they even did — says that Chris doesn’t have any plans to get in a romantic relationship with Nia Amey, that her moving in would strictly be for his daughter. However, it was easy enough for him to hook up with her in the first place when she wasn’t even living with him, and when he had a beautiful and devoted woman at his beck and call (Tran).

While Chris Brown is reportedly planning on playing house with Nia Amey, he also isn’t letting go of Karrueche Tran very easily. He recently lashed out at her on social media by calling her a “THOT” simply because she had posted a photo of herself in a bikini on Instagram. The Christian Post reports that Brown was “reminding her to be a lady.” Meanwhile, she’s reportedly still doing her best to dodge his phone calls. Apparently he won’t give up on trying to talk to her in hopes of explaining away why he lied to her about having a 9-month-old daughter with another woman.

Do you think Chris Brown and Nia Amey should live together, or do you think he should try to get his head on straight and prove to Karrueche that he had a good reason to keep his child secret from her?

[Photo: Hollywood Gossip]

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