Jim Parsons Shares About Rihanna Crush As He Talks About His Role in ‘Home’

Jim Parsons’ Rihanna crush is just one of the many things that actor has discussed in interviews recently. Parsons, who stars on The Big Bang Theory airing on CBS, has been out promoting his new film, Home, and this time the actor tackled the world of animation.

Home, from Dreamworks features the voice talents of Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez. Parsons voices a purple alien in the film, and his race has just invaded earth and is causing chaos. Parsons revealed that taking on an animated work was a challenge for him, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Parsons is a very physical actor when it comes to his comedy, and an animated feature limits him to just his voice. He said the experience made him feel “naked and constrained” at certain points.

However, Parsons is just very glad to be working, and he is grateful for every role he receives. Finding work was not always easy for him. He did a lot in his hometown of Houston before he made a big name for himself on The Big Bang Theory. He revealed how he feels about his roles in a recent interview.

“I’ve always felt that just getting cast in anything — I’ve reflected back many times that any play I ever did, for free, in warehouses, anytime anybody wanted me to be in something, it was the kind of pat on the back that made me feel, ‘You’re on the right track; keep doing it.’ So everything that I did had a deep level of importance to me in that way.”

It is clear that Jim Parsons has made a name for himself. According to CBS News, Parsons recently received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. People Magazine also reported that Parsons helped unveil his own wax figure, and it will make its debut in Orlando, Florida, on May 4.

The wax figure took a group of people six weeks to create, and Jim even gave the group clothes he wore as Sheldon Cooper on The Big Bang Theory to make the look of the figure truly authentic. Parsons praised the work the group did on his wax figure.

“Every detail on this figure is incredibly accurate and precise. From the color of the eyes to the facial figures, you can tell how hard the artists and sculptors work to achieve such a realistic portrayal.”

Jim Parsons has not been alone on a number of his press appearances for Home. Rihanna has been by his side, but she was not with him when he filmed his interview with Ellen Degeneres. He made a cute admission about his Home co-star during the interview, according to Entertainment Tonight Online.

“Can I tell you? I’ve been doing press for the past four days with Rihanna and Steve [Martin, who’s also in the movie], but, Rihanna smells so good. I am not kidding. She has a scent. At one point I took the elevator down to press in the hotel where we were doing it, and I went [sniff]. ‘She was just in here. She was just in here’ And they said ‘No’ and I said ‘Oh yeah.’ And I went into the press and I go, ‘Were you just in the elevator?’ She goes ‘Yeah’ and I go, ‘I smelled you.'”

Ellen went on to ask him what she smelled like, and he said simply “heaven.” Parsons is not looking to do anything with his crush. He has been with his partner for more than 10 years, but it is clear that he enjoyed working with the singer.

Perez Hilton shared a video of the pair playing a game of Would You Rather, and their chemistry was clear. The pair had their own little conversation about the paparazzi during the short video.

Jim Parsons might be taking on more film roles, but he is far from ready to leave The Big Bang Theory. The series is off for a couple of weeks right now, but it has been picked up through Season 10 by CBS. As long as the series has a life, Parsons will portray Sheldon Cooper. He has managed to schedule his projects outside of the show around it.

However, Parsons has revealed that he is looking for more work that is dramatic. He was of one the stars of Ryan Murphy’s The Normal Heart. The HBO film was a huge success, and Parsons was the only actor considered for his role in the film. He took on the role, and he did so well that more scenes were written for the film to show case the character. Ryan Murphy spoke about working with Jim Parsons, according to Variety.

“The eulogy scene was not in the play. It was written by Larry for screen and written specifically for Jim, to give him a really big aria. It was a whole day of filming and Jim was letter perfect on take one. I knew he was going to get very emotional very quickly because how can you not? Jim is a very emotional actor. I think I did his close-up first, which is usually the last thing you do. I’m glad that I did because I think 75 percent of the scene is the close-up and that was his first take. The thing about Jim and the reason why that scene works is that Jim as a person, an artist and an actor has a really rare gift. He has a real purity and simplicity.”

What is next for Parsons? The actor is taking on Broadway with a role that will hit the stage on May 5, and he has his eye on another major film role. During one of his interviews promoting Home, he revealed that he wants the role of The Riddler for the new Batman films, according to a recent Inquisitr report.

Parsons is certainly keeping himself busy. Fans can hear Jim Parsons and Rihanna when Home is released on March 27.

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