Want Your Own ‘Tron’ Lightcycle? The High-Tech Bike Can Be Yours For $40k

Tron was a movie for tech kids and adults. Many of us fans fantasized about the idea of playing the games ourselves. One of the more intriguing games in the movie involved a lightcycle. What would it be like to drive one for yourselves? One guy built one and is now selling his futuristic masterpiece for a hefty price. For some fan with $25,000-$40,000 laying around, the custom built lightcycle can be his or hers.

Why would anyone build a bike like this? Well, for the uniqueness of course. And the bikes are just plain awesome. The auctions site gives a few details about the cycle:

“96 volt, direct-drive electric motor with lithium batteries and a computer-controlled throttle, rebound and compression damping with spring-preload front suspension and rigid rear suspension, and front and rear hydraulic brakes.

  • A recreation of the Tron: Legacy motorcycle
  • Functional electric motorcycle
  • The ultimate homage for any fan”

The lightcycle was specially built by Andrews Collection, in cahoots with a third party, to create a unique and accurate depiction of the bikes seen in the 2010 movie Tron: Legacy.

EnGadget notes that the bikes has only been ridden around the Andrews’ Family garage a few times, to keep it in working order. Yeah, that’s right, this lightcycle replica is practically brand new.

The Tron lightcycle also boasts lithium batteries and a low seat height of 28.5 inches for easy riding even at low speeds.

According to Geeky Gadgets, the Andrews family is opting to auction off the bike to decrease the size of their collection.

“We want to get down to a smaller number of cars – perhaps 15 to 20 – that we very much enjoy driving and that we can use on events with the family. There are a number of events we’d still like to try overseas and here in the United States, and in order to do that, we need to focus on a more manageable collection.”

In other Tron news, another movie seems to be in the works. Inquisitr reported that a third Tron movie has been green-lighted. Although currently untitled, filming locations in Vancouver, Canada has been confirmed. While many actors remained unconfirmed, Garrett Hedlund will be returning to his roll as Sam Flynn, son of the grid creator.

If you could afford the Tron lightcycle, would you put in a bid? Is the custom bike really worth the price tag? What do you hope to see in the third Tron movie?

[Photo Via EnGadget]

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