Sony shows off first PlayStation Vita TV ads

We recently heard that Sony was prepared to spend a large sum of money ($50 million) to promote the PlayStation Vita, and now we get to see some of what all of that money has gone towards.

Sony showed off the first PlayStation Vita TV spot for both North America and Europe which, just as Sony said, includes both the “Never Stop Playing” slogan and the #gamechanger Twitter hashtag.

The North American PlayStation Vita commercial seems standard enough, and it even shows off some of the handheld’s actual features. The European TV spot, on the other hand, is all flair with a bunch of big budget shots–it still manages to get the point across, at least.

If the commercials alone aren’t enough to convince you that Sony is going in hard with the PlayStation Vita marketing, Sony’s SVP of brand marketing, Guy Longworth, says that you’ll be seeing PlayStation Vita ads just about everywhere.

“You will find the television commercials featured during primetime programming on some of your favorite networks including Fox, Comedy Central and ESPN. Residents of New York, LA, Chicago, Philadelphia and San Francisco will notice PS Vita on buildings and billboards. You’ll find it on your favorite websites and on your favorite radio stations.”

You can check out both the North American and European PlayStation Vita TV spots below. Let us know which one you like best!

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