Alicia DiMichele Talks Natalie Guercio, Karen Gravano, And ‘Mob Wives’ Future

Hours prior to the airing of part two of the Mob Wives season 5 reunion show, VH1 posted an interview that it conducted with Alicia DiMichele, who was on the show’s fourth season but then declined to come back for the next season. In the interview, Alicia talked about her friendship with Natalie Guercio, her reaction to Karen Gravano’s comment that was made during part 1 of the reunion, and her future with the show.

On part 1 of the reunion, Natalie, who joined the show in season 4 along with Alicia as the “new blood” from Philadelphia, explained that she hated on Karen because of her friendship and loyalty to Alicia. Alicia’s father-in-law was reportedly killed on orders from Karen’s father, Sammy the Bull. Alicia made clear during her VH1 interview that she did not ask Natalie to fight for her but isn’t mad at Natalie for doing so.

“Natalie is a dear friend of mine and I consider myself lucky to have her in my life. I’ve never asked her or anyone to fight my battles for me. She has her own opinion and is entitled to it and as her friend I support that.”

As for Karen Gravano’s comment, made during the reunion, that Alicia shouldn’t be so upset about what happened to her father-in-law since she never actually met him before he died, Alicia said that perspective is ridiculous.

“I don’t blame Karen for what her father did. Karen can only be held accountable for her own words and actions [like] how nonchalantly she spoke of my father-in-law’s murder, as if it was not a tragedy for my family. To think that just because I never met my son’s grandfather that I would not be personally affected by that event is ridiculous. All of the stories of his life that have been shared with my children and me have all painted him as a wonderful person and it makes me sad to know that my children and I never had the chance to meet him. I made the choice to remove myself from the show and that drama because my family and my business mean way more to me than being on television.”

Alicia also labeled Karen’s comment “heartless and classless” via an Instagram post.

Unfortunately for Alicia’s fans who want to see her on Mob Wives for season 6, that’s pretty much out of the question. Alicia is now focusing on her family and clothing boutique business.

“For me and the path that my life has taken since the show I can’t really see a time where me coming back would make sense. I have new goals and aspirations and in order for me to accomplish those goals, I will have to continue to look forward and not backward.”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, as part one of the reunion aired, Renee Graziano, with whom Alicia DiMichele had quite some drama with on season 4, actually posted a tweet that said that Alicia should come back to the show. It seems, however, that Renee later had a change of heart because the tweet has since been deleted.

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