Shakira Bit By a Wild Sea Lion [PHOTOS]

Shakira, we love you but sometimes you have to use a little bit of common sense. The Brazilian singer was walking on a beach with her brother Tonio when they came across a group of wild sea lions. Shakira, who obviously had a positive experience with sea lions at Sea World or something went over to the group and tried to pet one of them when she was subjected to the brutal biting (see photos below).

Shakira had this statement to make to People in Espaniol,

“This afternoon, I was looking tenderly at some seals and sea lions, when I decided to get closer than the other tourists. Recklessly, I lowered onto a rock to pet them and see them up close. Suddenly, one of them jumped out of the water very fast and with such force that the next thing I knew, all I saw was a fin in front of me. It looked at me, made an impetuous sound and tried to bite me.”Everyone screamed, including me, but I was so paralyzed with fear that I couldn’t move, both the seal and I staring at each other. My brother, ‘Super Tony,’ jumped on top of me and literally saved my life, separating me from the beast. Both of us have scratches on our hands and legs from the rocks. I think what happened was this: The [sea] lion mistook the shiny surface of my Blackberry with a fish. The sea lion thought I was playing with him, giving him food. Interestingly, 30 minutes ago I was complaining to my guide, Andrew , of never seeing wild animals up close in my travels. well, I think I’ll never be able to say that again. Now I’m going to see penguins that I think are a little more friendly, besides they have much smaller mouths.”

Someone really should tell Shakira that it doesn’t matter how tenderly you look at a wild animal, you should stay away from them in the natural habitat without a professional around.

Do you think Shakira is a bone head?

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