Tareq Salahi Files $50 Million Lawsuit, Goes After Neal Schon’s Penis

We always knew that Tareq Salahi was a money hungry, attention starved guy but his new $50 million lawsuit surrounding Journey rocker Neal Schon’s penis is an all-time low for a man who’s lows are already astronomical.

In his lawsuit filed in Virginia Tareq claims that Schon’s affair with his wife Michaele Salahi led to the destruction of the couple’s lucrative TV deals and other endorsements that could have netted them millions of dollars.

In his claim Tareq says he and Michaele ere offered $150,000 to participate on the Australian version of Dancing With The Stars in 2011 and that another network TV deal fell through when the affair went public after Michaele ran off with Neal in September 2011.

That’s not even the most ridiculous part of the lawsuit, Tareq claims that Neal Schon then launched an X-rated campaign against him, emailing a photo of his penis and calling Tareq on the phone to say “I’m f**king your wife.” The lawsuit claims that this last act was “a metaphorical slap in the face.”

Along with his accusations Tareq claims that Neal Schon also publicly humiliated him to increase ticket sales for Journey’s concert tour.

Tareq is asking for $50 million for emotional distress, conspiracy to defame, interfering with a contract and defamation. The White House dinner crasher also wants $450,000 in punitive damages.

It’s sad what some people will do to get into the public spotlight, in the case of Tareq Salahi it’s even more sad to realize what some people will do to recapture that spotlight after it fades away almost completely.

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