No, Kate Middleton Hasn’t Given Birth, Despite Rumors Of ‘Dramatic Delivery’

Despite reports to the contrary, Kate Middleton is still eight months pregnant, and she definitely wasn’t rushed to hospital for a “dramatic delivery.”

A variety of UK publications were quick to deny Life & Style’s front-page story that the Duchess of Cambrdige had already given birth to her second child, even though she is only due to do just that next month.

Rumors that Middleton had already given birth started to emerge after Life & Style ran a front page story that read, “It’s A Girl For Kate! Delivery Room Drama.”

They then added there had been “last minute panic” over a “c-section scare,” even suggesting that there had been a royal feud at the hospital by teasing, “Family feud: who was banned from the hospital after blowup?”

According to the Mirror, OK! USA also revealed on their front cover that Kate Middleton had given birth to her first daughter while teasing a royal argument in the hospital.

A variety of publications were quick to deny such reports though, as they made it perfectly clear that when Middleton does finally give birth, news of her new child will be plastered across the world wide web and news outlets throughout the globe.

In fact, what made the claims of these publications even more bizarre is that on the same day that their magazines hit shelves with news of the Duchess’ startling delivery, Middleton was actually visiting Brookhill Children’s Centre in Woolwich.

The Duchess Of Cambridge’s baby bump was still quite prominent as she strolled through the building. She certainly didn’t look as though she’d recently gone through any contractions or c-sections.

The Duchess Of Cambridge is due to give birth to the younger brother or sister of Prince George at some point between “mid-to-late April.”

[Image via NY Mag]

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