Liam Payne Tries To Cheer Up Sad 1D Fans With Funny Niall Horan Video

Liam Payne, a.k.a. “Daddy Directioner,” and partner-in-crime Niall Horan recently teamed up to create a random video that might cheer up One Direction fans who are down about Zayn Malik leaving the boy band’s world tour.

According to Yahoo! Celebrity UK, Liam Payne recently shared the bizarre video below that shows Niall Horan dressed up like a little old man. Niall really gets into character by rocking a knit vest, glasses pushed to the end of his nose, a hair piece that makes him look partially bald, and a flat cap. He even uses a cane at the end of the video.

What comes out of Niall Horan’s mouth sounds like jibberish, but Liam Payne revealed that his pal is actually speaking words in the video. Liam shared the translation on Twitter, and it’s still a bit confusing.

The word “slither” in Liam’s translation probably isn’t meant to reference a snake or a Harry Potter character — Niall was probably jabbering about a sliothar. It’s a ball that used in hurling, a game that’s popular in Ireland. Basically, Niall was pretending to be a grumpy old codger complaining about kids hitting a freshly-painted wall with their ball.

Liam Payne hasn’t explained why his pal chose this character for their game of dress-up, but the guys’ fans will simply be relieved to see that they’re still in good spirits after Zayn Malik made the shocking decision to ditch them. As the Inquisitr recently reported, One Direction fans were so worried about Zayn Malik that they got the hashtag #HaveAGoodRestZayn trending on Twitter. Zayn cited stress as the reason for his hasty exit from the band’s world tour, and this stress was likely related to the recent rumors that he cheated on Perrie Edwards. Judging from Liam Payne’s response to Zayn’s departure, it was hard for him to hear that his bandmate would be leaving.

Just a few days ago, One Direction fans were happily freaking out over Liam Payne’s admission that he once kissed Zayn Malik. According to Liam, Zayn initiated the accidental smooch. Now the 1D fandom’s mood is decidedly more somber, so Liam and Niall’s cute video might be just the pick-me-up that they need during these trying times. According to Billboard, Niall recently took to Twitter to reassure One Direction fans that the show will go on, with or without Zayn.

Last November, Liam Payne told the Guardian that he didn’t think One Direction would immediately dissolve if one member ever decided to leave the group for good.

“Well, I don’t know if it will [fold]. Without any of us… Yeah, I don’t think it will, I think that’s the magic of it.”

But on Twitter, Directioners have latched on to something Liam once said about the band, and it seems that many fans will no longer consider the group to be One Direction if one of the boys splits.

Do you think Liam Payne, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, and Harry Styles will keep the group going if Zayn Malik decides that he needs to walk away?

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