Will Mariah Carey Be The Grinch Who Stole Christmas In 2015?

Is Mariah Carey getting desperate? Rumors have run abound that the once-relevant superstar is getting ready to release another Christmas album, despite the fact that her last one flopped. The New York Post explains as follows.

“For those who can’t think of anything worse for Christmas than another Mariah Carey song, you may be disappointed. Sources say the diva’s been asked by her new label to work on another yuletide release… For Epic Records she’ll first release an album later this year of past hits to promote her Las Vegas residency. Next, her label wants a festive record.”

After Mariah Carey’s album Me I Am Mariah: The Elusive Chanteuse became one of the biggest flops in pop music history last year, many thought Ms. Carey could still be relevant during the end of the year, when Christmas songs are played. However, Mariah ruined that by giving what many considered a painful performance of “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” which was derided by critics and social media. To make things worse, Carey’s isolated vocals leaked from that performance. Hollywood Life described what happened during performance.

“You can listen to the uninterrupted audio from her performance on Dec. 3. You can hear how much she was struggling with her usually flawless pitch and high notes. Something was definitely off because during the whole performance, you can see her fussing with her ear piece.”

If this wasn’t bad enough, Mariah Carey then went on to earn the wrath of critics in Jamaica. ABC News described what appeared to be another notch in the end of Mariah‘s singing career.

“Over the weekend, while performing in Jamaica, Carey, 44, was caught on video lip-syncing to ‘Fantasy’ and not able to keep up with her own lyrics. TMZ first posted the video, which has since been picked up by USA Today and Billboard…This public vocal misstep comes just weeks after Carey sang live at Rockefeller Center for the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony early in December and struggled to hit some of her high notes that she’s known for.”

Perhaps Mariah Carey may want to take singing lessons from her former nemesis, Madonna, who is being praised for her latest singing efforts. When Madonna sang “Joan of Arc” on Ellen Wednesday, social media lined up to praise the 56-year-old singer for singing with intense feeling. The same thing happened when Madonna sang her new single, “Ghosttown,” on Thursday.

It has been suggested that Ms. Carey is working with a vocal coach before her residency in Las Vegas. Let’s hope someone can teach Mariah Carey how to sing again and suggest she stay away from another Christmas album.

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