‘Empire’: Malik Yoba Takes ‘Vernon Turner’ Kill-Off Like A Champ

Empire‘s Malik Yoba talks about how he found out his character, Vernon Turner, was set to be killed off in the 2-hour season finale. Seems he’s a good sport about it, though.

If you’re not an avid watcher of Empire, Malik’s part as Vernon portrayed him as a business partner to Lucious Lyon, and chairman of “Empire Entertainment.” However, that has all come to an untimely close.

Yoba spoke with TMZ about how he found out he was no longer going to be on the show. With the popularity that Empire has gained, one would think Malik would be sour about the decision. However, his countenance appears otherwise. In the interview, after being asked how he found out, Yoba stated as follows.

“Actually, I [Malik] was down in Ferguson, Missouri, doing some work. I was setting up a screening of the second episode for the Urban League’s ‘Save Our Sons’ program, where we had raised like $1.25 million to provide jobs and job training for under-employed and unemployed black men in that region.

After using the show as a way to bring people out and raise money, I get back to the hotel room a week after — not even a week, five days after the premiere — we were shooting Episode 1, and I was told on Episode 12 that I was getting [cut off].”

In the video interview, Yoba seemed very accepting of the director’s decision. Likewise, Malik states how Empire creator Lee Daniels was possibly placed in a tight position with the company, Fox. After being asked who gave him the news, Yoba responded as follows.

“Lee called me and told me. He said that, um, someone at Fox said that someone needed to die in the season finale. So, I was like ‘Word?’.”

The TMZ interviewer further asked if the decision came from the company or Daniels directly. Malik furthered his notions of acceptance.

“To this day, I don’t know — in the infinite wisdom — who thought it was the best approach, but someone did. I never got a clear answer on it. But it wasn’t about the work or ethics or work ethics. It was the plot line.

Vernon’s gone, but Malik lives on. And — as I’ve told you, Chuck, in private — it’s a great opportunity to push forward the work that I’m doing in terms of building my own empire, if you will.”

So, with that said, in what future endeavors do you think Yoba is about to engage? What is this “empire” he’s about to build? Also, will you miss his character?

What are your thoughts on Vernon’s death? Also, on the Empire topic, did you know Sean “Diddy” Combs claims that the show is based on his life and wants to sue the creators on a count of an “unauthorized biography?”

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