The Iceman in zoomable Hi-Def

Back some 5,000 years ago Otzi, well at least that’s what we call him now, decided that it would be a great day to head out and get some hunting done. Unfortunately for him he never made it home that day as he ended up in a frozen tomb only to be discovered by some German tourists out hiking around the Alpine mountains in 1991. Since that time the remains of Otzi have resided in as specially built museum in Bolzano, Italy. Visitors can only view the remains through portholes into a specially refrigerated room.

That was until the Iceman photoscan project came into being and now some 150,000 high definition images later we can all enjoy the experience of seeing up close what this stone age warrior looks like.

The Iceman photoscan project took 150,000 high definition images of the perfectly preserved mummy from 12 different angles, which the researchers loaded onto the new website

This allows users to zoom into details that are just millimetres wide from the comfort of their living room. They can also view the mummy in 3D and see its distinctive tattoos in both white and UV light.

Source: Daily Mail

And of course the 3D view but you’ll have to supply your own glasses to see it right.

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