‘Little Women LA’ Stars Terra Jole And Joe Gnoffo Welcome Baby Girl

Little Women LA stars Terra Jole and Joe Gnoffo welcomed their first baby into the world on Monday morning. The newest addition to the family is a beautiful, healthy little girl.

Penelope Charlevoix Gnoffo was born weighing six pounds, two ounces.

Little Penelope got the middle name Charlevoix after a town in Michigan, where Terra tells People that her family grew up and where she and Joe vacationed during the summer. Terra’s grandfather even has an amphitheater in downtown Charlevoix named after him, Clarence Odmark.

Terra and Joe have had concerns about her pregnancy since the star found out she was going to have a baby last year. The couple each has a form of dwarfism that could have possibly not allowed the baby to live past the birth.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Terra explained the situation.

“[The baby] is only 25 percent average height percentage, and then 75 percent some form, either Joe’s or mine or a mixture of the both of us, when it comes to both of our dwarfisms. While it lives a perfectly normal life in the womb, it’s the lungs — they don’t develop fully — so they would die at birth or within a few hours of birth. To me that would be like my all-time biggest fear. It has been suggested maybe there are possibilities for extreme health risks with Joe and I and that’s something to think about, but currently the child is living healthy in the womb. Why think negative when I’m this far along?”

Terra was unable to have the baby through natural childbirth because the pelvic structure on her body is curved due to her dwarfism.

Terra and Joe currently star on the Lifetime hit show Little Women LA. The show follows a group of women who all have some form of dwarfism, and it shows how they deal with it in their everyday lives. Terra and her friends deal with relationships, pregnancies, work, and friendships during each episode of the show.

Now that Terra has started a family, a new television show will center around the new mom. The show is called Little Women: Terra’s Little Family and will show Terra’s pregnancy journey as well as everything that happens after she gave birth to baby Penelope. The new show is set to premiere on April 8, 2015.

Jole’s current show, Little Women LA, finished it’s second season on Wednesday evening, but the network is planning for at least two reunion shows with the cast.

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