Woman Killed By Plywood Sheet: Brand New Agent Dies In Construction Accident

The death of a woman killed by plywood is being called a freakish fatal accident. New York real estate agent and bride to be, Tina Nguyen, died Tuesday after being struck by a blown piece of wood from a gust of wind in a Manhattan condominium construction zone. The news of her death shook up the local community for good reason, citing a news report by Daily Mail.

Police say Nguyen, 36, was walking along West 12th street talking on her mobile phone moments before the errant wood hit her. At about 10 of six in the evening, while she was making her way on the north side of the area, the woman was struck by a 4 by 8-foot piece of plywood. Apparently, at the time, winds were gusting heavily in the area, which was enough to propel the sheet of wood a considerable distance.

When the plywood struck the woman, the impact threw her body violently against the wall of a parking garage where she sustained a severe head injury. Rescue workers arrived a short time later and the woman was transported to Bellevue Hospital nearby. However, there was nothing to be done to save Nguyen; she was pronounced dead about three hours later.

Even though the woman was struck by plywood, a routine autopsy is being done to determine an exact cause of death. According to Eric Barron, CEO of Keller Williams, where the woman worked, the deceased real estate agent was new to the industry and had plans to marry soon. He weighed in on her tragic death from the plywood accident.

“Its obviously a tragedy,” Eric Barron said. “She was just starting her career. That’s the sad part of it. She had a very successful career in front of her…It’s obviously a shock to all of us. Right now we are keeping it a personal matter, talking to her family, helping them with whatever they need. We are in contact with the family. It’s an internal manner.”

As painful as it was, the woman’s fiance released a statement in wake of the woman’s death. He is only known by the name of Alex.

“She always saw the best in everyone. She was always reminding me to see the same. We were together for five of the best years of our lives. We planned to be married in July of this year. The family and I have decided to bury her in Philadelphia. This is the most devastating loss. She was the woman of my dreams. I hope people will remember her by seeing the best in one another and treating each other with true kindness.”

The complete death investigation into why the woman was killed by plywood will undoubtedly look into the safety of the area under construction. Evidently, the buildings, which are being renovated and converted into high-end condos were formally part of St. Vincent’s Hospital. Records show that just two years ago, complaints were lodged against the project for subpar netting and scaffolding that was allegedly unsecured. The company is cooperating with the investigation.

The buildings used to house St. Vincent’s Hospital but are now being converted into high-end condos. In 2013, the project faced safety complaints related to falling nets and unsecured scaffolding. A spokesperson with the New York City Building Department issued a statement in wake of the woman’s tragic death.

“It is the responsibility of building owners and construction site managers to ensure their properties are safeguarded and in code compliant conditions at all times. A failure to do so can result in enforcement action by the department including the issuance of violations.”

After the woman was killed by the sheet of plywood, all construction work was brought to a halt. Additionally, Turner Construction was issued a safety violation.

[Photo by: ABC Action News via Yahoo News]