Maci Bookout On Second Pregnancy: ‘I’m So Afraid I’m Not Going To Like Her’

Maci Bookout’s second pregnancy has been public for a few months. The Teen Mom star is set to give birth in June, and fans have been waiting for any bit of information about the pregnancy. The reality show star filmed with MTV for another season of the show and most of her storyline will be about her second pregnancy. However, the show doesn’t air until March 23. Luckily, Maci recently gave an interview with the Stir and dished on some very interesting things about her daughter.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, rumors that Maci had picked the name Jayde for her daughter began swirling earlier this year. At the time, Maci had embarked on a few speaking engagements and it seems that is where she leaked the name. However, there had not been any definitive indication from Maci (other than a retweet) until now. She revealed that she is indeed naming her daughter Jayde, but that wasn’t her first choice. Isabelle was the first name choice, picked by her son, Bentley. So why didn’t they use it?

“We were going to call her Izzie, but it’s like, number five on popular girls’ names, so we didn’t do it.”

It seems that Maci Bookout definitely likes unique names. While Bentley is now a popular name, prior to Maci’s appearance on 16 and Pregnant, the name rarely made any name lists. However, since her Teen Mom fame, Bentley has become a much more popular name. In 2007, it was number 995 on the SSA baby name list, but landed at number 81 on the list in 2013. While the name Jade is relatively popular (it was number 126 in 2013), Maci’s spelling is unique. In 2013, Jayde reached only number 985, showing that it is not as popular of a spelling.

“As soon as I thought of Jayde, that’s how I pictured it in my head.”

Maci Bookout has not been shy about her dislike of the color pink and revealed that the nursery colors for her little girl will be purple and grey. However, she did not reveal what, if any, theme she and her boyfriend, Taylor McKinney, have picked.

As for her relationship with Taylor, things seem to be going well. Teen Mom fans will finally get to meet him on the new season of the show. Recently, he took to Instagram and shared a photo of him and his pregnant girlfriend.

Even though this is her second pregnancy, Maci admits that things are much different this time. Aside from this experience being more positive this time around, she revealed that she does feel differently.

“This time, I don’t feel as connected to the pregnancy as I did before. I’m so afraid I’m not going to like her! I keep comparing her to Bentley and there’s no way I can love someone as much as I love Bentley.”

While that may seem like an odd thing to feel, but Maci revealed her mother felt the same way.

“I have an older brother and my mom says she felt the same way. So I’m not too worried about it, but it is a strange feeling.”

Maci Bookout will return to Teen Mom on March 23.

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