Kylie Jenner Contouring Cleavage: ‘KUWTK’ Star Has Makeup Fail With Apparent Cleavage Contour

Kylie Jenner had been contouring her cleavage, but apparently someone forgot to really blend in the lines because you can see where the makeup was put. According to Sport Act, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star was in London for an event with NIP+FAB, but when she took the stage for her interview, some people noticed that she had strange contouring lines on her neck and on her chest.

“While Kylie’s face looks fab, you can see obvious makeup lines between her neck and boobs. It seems the makeup artist was trying to enhance her bust line by applying a bronzer on top, but he forgot to blend which became obvious when cameras flashed,” reported Sport Act.

Kylie Jenner might think that contouring her cleavage is a good way to promote a sexy look — and it can be when it’s done right. According to E! News, Jenner wore a semi-sheer top with a black bra underneath, but when she was photographed, it looked like someone spilled foundation all over her chest. Of course, this is pretty huge for the reality star who prides herself in knowing makeup, and making herself look flawless by doing a few makeup tricks (can you say lip pencil). But maybe this wasn’t her fault.

“It looks like somebody tried to contour her cleavage but wasn’t able to finish before the red carpet began. As a result, makeup appears higher on the left side of her chest making it—dare we say—a makeup malfunction.”

Evidently no one at NIP+FAB seemed to notice… and if they did, they didn’t make a big deal out of it.

“How amazing did our girl @kyliejenner look on Saturday at our #Nipandfab press event? Kylie is an all round super star her skin, her make-up & her style!! #Perfection,” the company wrote on Instagram along with a bunch of pics of Kylie. Jenner responded with a picture of her own.

“Blessed to live this life. Long day in London let’s do it. Thank you @NipandFab for having me,” she wrote on Instagram.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kylie has been said to use contouring to make her bust look bigger. Of course, there isn’t much wrong with that, and it’s something that a lot of people do (for some, it beats plastic surgery). Do you think a 17-year-old should be worrying about things like this, or is contouring one’s bust all just part of the beauty process?

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