Does Madonna Want A Date With Drake?

Is Madonna looking to date Drake? Thanks to her Howard Stern interview, we know she has a taste for rappers, but is Drizzy the next one up? According to Page Six, Madonna is trying to make it happen by putting it out there that she wants some alone time with the rapper.

Right now, Drake is a pretty busy guy. He just dropped his mixtape If You’re Reading This It’s Already Too Late. That said, this doesn’t seem to deter Madonna from trying to get the rapper’s attention, and from the looks of it, the mixtape really put her over the edge.

According to Us Weekly, Madonna revealed that she has a lifelong ambition to date Drake — or at least go go on one dream date.

“The lifelong ambition I still want to fulfill is to go on a dream date with Drake – and only kiss him.”

As for Drake, Madonna is on his mind, but probably not in the way that she wants. The rapper put out a song called “Madonna” on his new mixtape. In the song, he referenced the Rebel Heart pop star by telling a girl that she “could be as big as Madonna.”

Here’s the full verse.

“What if I pick you up from your house?
We should get out, we haven’t talked in a while
We should roll to see where it goes
I saw potential in you from the go, you know that I did
I don’t know if you know, but I know who you are
You could be big as Madonna
Just get in the car and then let’s touch the road
Don’t make other plans
Say you get up early, you work for the man
Well, he’ll understand
Pull up, I’m pullin’ up on you in ten
Already on ten
Big as Madonna, I’ll say it again
Soon as you get in”

Madonna let Drake know that she’s down for him by posting an Instagram of a photo of herself and captioning it to get his attention, while giving him respect for his song.

“@champagnepapi i love your new song about me! It’s my favorite! I’m still waiting for you to pick me up…….. Ask D for my address! I knew you were a #rebelheart!”

While Madonna’s intentions seem pretty lighthearted, we can’t help but think if this pairing will actually happen. After all we didn’t see Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna coming.

Fans are decidedly split about this pair.

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