Black Actress Defends Ape Comment About Michelle Obama

Black actress Raven-Symoné defends the ape comment made last week by Univision host Rodner Figueroa, Hollywood Life reports today. She stated that Figueroa wasn’t being racist when he made the ape comment about Michelle Obama, saying the First Lady looks like a character from The Planet of the Apes film.

“She did what? Raven-Symone somehow managed to defend the indefensible, claiming that Rodner Figueroa wasn’t wrong when he said that our First Lady, Michelle Obama, looks like an ape,” Hollywood Life reported.

After defending Figueroa’s comments about Michelle Obama looking like an ape, Raven-Symoné tweeted in her own defense the following comments.

“While appearing as a guest host on the syndicated talk show ‘The View,’ Symoné – who is African-American – said the controversy over Figueroa’s remarks were much ado about nothing,” MSNBC reported.

“I don’t think he was saying it racist,” Symoné told her fellow panelists. “Not Michelle Obama. Michelle, don’t fire me from this right now, but some people do look like animals,” she added, “Is that rude? I look like a bird … so can I be mad at somebody that calls me Toucan Sam?” Symoné joked.

“There is a secret in the Latin community, specifically the Caribbean, South American, Central American, Latin community, that they are very racist,” Breitbart News reported The View cohost Rosie Perez as saying, “They never want to be in the same group as black people. And it’s sad. It’s very, very sad. And he did say Michelle Obama looks like a cast member of the Planet of the Apes.”

Raven-Symoné further defended the ape comment about Michelle Obama, stating that some people do look like animals and then made the joke about herself looking like a bird and someone calling her Toucan Sam.

After making and defending the ape comment about Michelle Obama, Univision host Rodner Figueroa was fired last week, the Inquisitr reported.

“Rodner Figueroa, host of the show El Gordo Y la Flaca on Univision, was fired for making a comment comparing First Lady Michelle Obama to cast members of the film The Planet of the Apes, NBC News reported today. Figueroa reportedly pointed to a picture of Michelle Obama and said, ‘You know Michelle Obama looks like she is of the cast of The Planet of the Apes.’ Others before Figueroa, especially on internet blogs and social networking sites, have made such a comparison, the Inquisitr reported.”

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