Dentist Finds 15 Maggots In Swollen Gums Of Distressed Schoolgirl

A Brazilian schoolgirl, 10, who was distressed due to severely swollen gums was even more shocked to find she had 15 maggots living inside her mouth!

The schoolgirl in question, Ana Cardoso, was taken to a dental clinic in her hometown after she said she felt things “moving around” inside her gums.

The girl’s mother, Adriana Cardoso, 35, spoke to reporters about the incident.

“She had been saying for a few days that she felt something moving around in her mouth and at first I thought she was joking. I couldn’t see anything and she didn’t seem to be in pain. But then it started getting worse and no matter how much we brushed her teeth she said she still felt something. I know my daughter and she is not one to make up stories or lie, so eventually I took her to see a dentist.”

Having arrived at the dentist, Ana was diagnozed with a rare form of oral myiasis which is a fly lava maggot infection that grows in humans and animals.

As Adriana explained, “I couldn’t believe it when they said she had a disease and then started pulling the maggots out. I thought I was going to be sick.”

Before long, the maggots were removed and Ana was on the way to a full recovery.

A spokesman from the dental surgery where Ana had the procedure carried out said, “There were 15 maggots in her mouth so we videoed the removal for our records as it is a rare occurrence. We also wanted to show the girl’s family what had happened and warn others.”

The girl’s mother spoke about how calm and cooperative her daughter was during the disturbing and uncomfortable procedure, “She was actually very calm throughout the whole process but I suspect that was more out of helplessness. I mean, what else could she do?'”

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