Bruno Mars, Uptown Funk, And The World’s Brand New Dance

Everyone wants to dance to Bruno Mars’ and Mark Ronson’s “Uptown Funk.” And why not? The rhythms are juicy, the lyrics white gold and Bruno Mars is a star with a “gleam of perfection.” As Mars sings, “Don’t believe me? Just watch!”

“Uptown Funk,” the lead single on Ronson’s January album, Uptown Special, features guest vocals by Bruno Mars in Mars’ and Ronson’s fourth collaboration. The song took shape over several months, with Ronson and Mars fitting in studio sessions where and when they could. In the end it was all worth it, as “Uptown Funk” flew to the top of the charts in the U.S., the U.K., and several other countries.

“So altogether we probably started the song in Los Angeles, ended it in Vancouver and along the way recorded in Brooklyn, Memphis, London, Toronto… and all over the place,” said Mark Ronson on the Tonight Show’s “How I Wrote This Song” segment. “It was probably the most work I ever put into a song, but I got it done and you like it, so that’s good.”

He’s right about that. We do like it, we like Bruno Mars and we love dancing to Bruno’s music — especially Uptown Funk.

A drama teacher in Dallas led his students in a funky flashmob through the school corridors, while Mississippi high school students created “Uptown Blue” to educate their community about autism. Bruno Mars and Uptown Funk has caught the attention of dads with their own awkward renditions, and the news team from Morning Express With Robin Meade decided if awkward worked for the dads, it could work for them too. There’s a viral video of a flight attendant who decided to bring a little Bruno Mars style to her passengers before the flight, and a professional dancer who’s inspired millions with his treadmill funk moves. Who knew a person could do that stuff on a treadmill?

Even the First Lady got involved, dancing to Mars’ hit on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, along with Ellen and dancers from So You Think You Can Dance.

In Cambodia, youth with Epic Arts Cambodia want everyone to know that disability isn’t going to stop them from singing and dancing. They made their own Uptown Funk, a parody of Mars’ hit, starring wheelchair bound singer Po Sakun.

“The aim is always to challenge how people with disabilities are seen. This song worked well as it demonstrated that you can be in a wheelchair and still be a dancer, singer or viral movie star,” said Anthony Evans, program development manager at Epic Arts Cambodia.

“The characters in the film look strong, attractive and successful, and we wanted to show that people who have disabilities can be all these things.”

Thanks to Bruno Mars, the world has a brand new dance. Hallelujah Bruno!

[Image courtesy of NY Daily News]

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