Kathy Hilton Celebrates With Kim Richards, Fans Question Her Support For Kyle Richards

Does Kathy Hilton support and love Kim Richards more than she does Kyle Richards? On Tuesday afternoon, Kathy posted a photo of herself with Kim celebrating the birthday of one of Kim’s daughters, Whitney Davis. Along with them is another one of Kim’s daughters, Brooke Brinson, and a elderly woman.

Kathy Hilton and Kim Richards
Kathy Hilton and Kim Richards celebrating Whitney’s birthday.

Several of Kathy’s Instagram followers were quick to ask why Kyle wasn’t there for the family celebration. “Where is your sister Kyle? Have you iced her out?” asked one person. “Would rather see Kyle than that nut case Kim!!” wrote another. One person told Kathy outright that she should show more public support for Kyle after she has been attacked by Brandi Glanville and her drama with Kim.

“Pretty sad you never post a pic with Kyle…. You never defended her to Brandi publicly, after Brandi made a point to let all of America know she was invited to your Christmas party and not Kyle. All families have issues but to allow trash like Brandi publicly disrespect your sister – s[h]ame on you.”

Another person opined that Kathy inviting Brandi to her Christmas party but not Kyle shows that “they are jealous of Kyle…”

Kathy Hilton has made several brief appearances on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this season, to celebrate her niece’s wedding and to attend Lisa Vanderpump’s surprise birthday party. Despite not being a housewife on the show, Kathy’s name has been mentioned several times by Brandi Glanville and Kim Richards when discussing Kyle Richards’ treatment of Kim.

On one of her podcast shows in late January, Brandi responded to Kyle’s statement during her Watch What Happens Live appearance that Brandi has nothing to do with her family. Brandi implied that she’s closer to Kathy and Kim than Kyle wants to admit.

“That’s funny because I was at Kathy Hilton’s holiday party with Kim and you weren’t there, b***h! I don’t even know if you got the invite. So, having said that, yeah. She can suck it.”

In a scene that was left out of the show, right after Brandi and Kyle’s altercation at Kyle’s gay mixer, Brandi tells Kim that Kathy would never treat her the way that Kyle does. “Would Kathy ever do this to you?…No,” Brandi tells Kim.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, on Valentine’s Day, Brandi posted a photo of herself with Kim and Kathy, taken months prior on the day of Lisa’s surprise birthday dinner. Some took Brandi’s post as a way of rubbing her relationship with Kim and Kathy in Kyle’s face.

Tuesday night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills showed Kim Richards and Kyle Richards getting in a screaming match over Brandi Glanville. Infuriated that Kim doesn’t think that she’s supportive, Kyle told Kim that Brandi has talked to others, like Lisa Rinna, about Kim’s sobriety and has said that she needs an intervention.

The argument quickly descends into old family wounds, when Kim brings up her claim, which she made in season 1, that Kyle sold their mom’s house from under her. Kyle defends herself by saying that Kim was no position to share a mortgage, that she told Kim that she was selling the house, and that both she and Kathy got the same amount from the sale of the house.

As the episode aired, Kyle Richards admitted that she wasn’t looking forward to watching her tense scene with Kim Richards.

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