Kate Middleton Due Date For Royal Baby No. 2 Announced

With all eyes on the royal belly, it’s interesting to note that Kate Middleton has told the world when to expect the little brother or sister to Prince George, a due date that will approach sooner than some folks expected, reports E! Online. Middleton said that her second baby with Prince William will arrive in April, by the “mid-to-end” of the month. The news came whilst the Duchess of Cambridge was visiting the Brookhill Children’s Centre in Woolwich.

Although Kate told 49-year-old Christie Osborne — a volunteer at the center who turned into an intrepid reporter by asking Middleton about her due date — that the new baby would arrive somewhere between April 15th and April 30th, 33-year-old Kate did not reveal whether or not she was having a boy or a girl.

“I told her she is beautiful and that she’s got a tiny little bump. I asked when her baby is due and she said mid-to-end of April.”

As reported by the Inquisitr, Kate’s decisions to do things her own way — such as eschewing using a baby nurse during the initial few months with her newborn baby — has caused slight riffs in the royal family. Rumors have swirled that Middleton may even seek out a home delivery for this second baby.

Nevertheless, from all appearances, Kate enjoys motherhood to the fullest — and her fashion choices always seem to inspire plenty of clothing sales. The $63 dress that Middleton’ wore on Tuesday sold out right away, after the event that found young kids delighting to be in her presence. It was an ASOS maternity dress, with three-quarter sleeves and a fun and flirty short type of length to the dress, which can be seen as “out of stock” as of this writing on the ASOS website. With fashionable maternity fare sometimes hard to find, it’s expected that such a cute dress would sell out quickly.

For St. Patrick’s Day, the very much pregnant Kate decided to go with a chocolate ensemble instead of the standard green that many folks reach to wear during the day, reported Us Magazine? – with loads of pics of a happy Middleton, smiling wide and glowing as her due date fast approaches.

Middleton didn’t go back to her castle empty-handed after the news-making event. Kate received gifts for Prince George, including a bag emblazoned with his name, flowers and an Elmer the Elephant book, one on potty training and another clock toy.

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