PS Vita Consoles Let Out Early By

The PS Vita launches across North America on February 22 – for most people.

It seems the exception is a number of Canadian Amazon shoppers, who started getting their Vitas from February 8 after the retailer released the units early by mistake. While the number of prematurely released consoles isn’t known, many users in this Red Flag Deals forum thread have already posted shots of their shiny new Sony slabs, as the rest of the continent inwardly ragefaced with envy.

The users on the site got their shipping notices last week. Consequently, many received their new gadget two weeks or more before the official Vita launch.

While receiving games from online retailers a day or two early is not unusual, getting a brand new console a whole fortnight before launch suggests a hefty slip on Amazon’s part. Could these premature Vitas number in the hundreds? The thousands? The tens of thousands? Nobody knows, but I imagine Sony would like an answer to that.

Alas, the window of opportunity has now slammed shut: Amazon has noted its error and restored the correct February 22 ship date. Are any lucky Canadian Vita owners reading this? Let us know what you make of your gleaming new toy, you jammy swines!

[Red Flag Deals, via Joystiq]

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