Kayne West Tweets Nude Photos Of Kim [Photos]

Forget St. Patrick. Kanye West attempted to break the internet one more time by providing his Twitter followers with nude photos of his wife Kim.

You read that correctly. Kanye West tweeted nude photos of his wife. Tweeted.

Raw Story reported that West tweeted the nude photos with the intention of congratulating Kim on her 10th season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The rapper stated that he was proud to be her husband and captioned a photo, “I’m so lucky.”

Kim responded, gushing her approval over her nude photos being broadcast to her 30 million plus followers and being retweeted over and over.

The Twitter promotion is far from exploitative. From her humble sex tape beginnings to her full-frontal nude photo, the show of skin is within the context of flattery and praise. Romantic, in a way. Kanye did heap praise for her accomplishments for having a successful television show and many loyal fans. Flowers may have been welcome or perhaps writing her a song. But for this reality show royal couple, attention, good and bad, is more valuable than diamonds.

And attention they shall receive.

I’m sure you are dying to see the photos that West provided. Thankfully, Womens’ Life Issues compiled the images on their site to satisfy your curiosity. Click here to see the tweets in all their slightly edited glory. You are welcome.

In case you haven’t kept up with the Kardashians, Kim and Kanye are attempting to have baby number two. Kim has not been secretive about her attempts with Kanye, informing her younger sister that she’s having sex “500 times a day.”

Perhaps a slight exaggeration. But it’s not on tape. At least, not yet.

Twitter fans are mixed in their reactions.

By in large, the Tweet has been circulating with some negative feedback, but mostly retweets. The world can’t seem to get enough of the Kardashians, especially without their knickers on.

Click here to see what Anonymous had to say about Kanye West.

And to cheer you up even more, watch the video below.

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