Henry Cavill Talks Fashion, Traveling, And Dressing To Impress

Henry Cavill, aka Superman, is quickly becoming a favorite among the ladies. In a recent interview, he shared some interesting details about fashion, traveling light, and dressing to impress…someone.

Let’s face it, Henry Cavill is one of the best looking men in movies. If you don’t agree, just go on Twitter or Facebook and visit one of his many fan pages. You will immediately understand why the British actor is adored and followed by legions of fans, who call themselves the “Cavillry.”

As much as his true fans know pretty much everything there is to know about the tall, dark, and muscular 31-year-old with the easy smile and clear blue eyes, there are still things we learn about him every time a new interview is published.

In a chat with ShortList magazine, Henry shares some interesting tidbits about what he likes to wear when he travels, what he likes to wear to bed (yes, ladies and gentlemen), and everything in between.

First of all, Henry is now getting ready for his new role, which he will play in the upcoming adaptation of the Duncan Falconer novel, Stratton. In the movie, Cavill portrays a Royal Marine and as such, has to undergo a boot camp to get himself ready for all the action scenes.

Not that he’s not already in shape from filming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice — the sequel to Man of Steel — and The Man From U.N.C.L.E., the Guy Ritchie adaptation of the 1960s television series. In between all the craziness, Henry had some time to answer burning questions his fans have, which have been shared in HenryCavill.org.

In this interview, Henry says his first tailored suit was from the British company Dunhill — when he worked for them to promote one of their fragrances. As to what he likes to wear for travel, Cavill prefers the casual look, keeping in mind the hoards of paparazzi that now follow his every move.

“I do like traveling in this kind of stuff (jeans and a blue checked shirt) because it’s comfortable and you can get photographed in it.”

When it comes to essentials for a trip, let’s say from London to Los Angeles, there are certain things Henry Cavill will not leave home without. He doesn’t like to carry expensive skincare products for fear they will be confiscated by airport security.

“I travel really light. I normally take my Microsoft Surface with me, so I can work and read books and scripts. So, Microsoft Surface, travel adapter and…headphones. A good pair of headphones, for watching a movie or listen to your own music or just shutting the world out. Or you can pretend you’re listening to music, so nobody bothers you.”

Henry Cavill may be a busy actor traveling the world, but he certainly knows what not to wear for a date, if he ever has the time and privacy for that sort of thing.

“I’ve got a lovely Tom Ford jacket. I guess that would be dressing to impress? But I don’t have much in the way of options right now. It’s not like I just throw a suit on to go to dinner with someone, because these days, if I was to throw a suit on to go to dinner with a girl, she would probably think I was a weirdo. Or she would feel horribly under dressed.”

Not likely, but if Henry wants to believe that, we won’t argue with him. ShortList MODE online editor wanted to know if the Brit had ever ripped a piece of clothing with his big muscles and the actor wanted know if said editor was a guy or a girl. It’s a guy.

“Yes, actually, at the end of Man of Steel, I had a suit tailored for the Immortals premiere. At that stage, I was at my very leanest. It was just after shooting my shirtless scenes. At the very end of the movie, I put that suit on again for a photoshoot we were doing and I ripped the seams, the inside seams, just because my thighs were that much bigger.”

We can almost hear millions of women swooning at that last statement. But let’s find out what else Cavill had to share, like what he wears to bed. He confessed it depends on where he is. If it’s a hotel he likes to have a pair of underwear on (jocks), which leads us to believe he sleeps in the nude when he’s at home. Let’s process that for a minute.

In the end, Henry Cavill recommends to be yourself and wear what you like and what you’re comfortable in. “Don’t try to be fashionable.” the hunky actor says.

The latest issue of ShortList with the full interview of Henry Cavill comes out this Thursday.

[Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images]

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