Winners Will Take Home $2.4M At Partypoker’s Pokerfest 2015

Poker fans around the world are getting ready for Pokerfest 2015, which is scheduled to begin March 29. As Poker Update recently reported, partypoker is holding the event, and winnings totaling approximately $2.4 million will be doled out to top players. Offering something for everyone, partypoker’s event is a full 15 days, with the final event taking place on April 12. Buy-ins range from $5-200, and those with the best skills may be able to win entry to one of Pokerfest’s 77 events at a lower cost.

Earning a position atop the list of most popular online poker venues, partypoker awards real money for players in the state of New Jersey, who can begin qualification rounds now. The event’s opening day will reward nearly $600,000 on virtual tables with multiple games taking place. The lucky few who qualify before the event launches are able to take advantage of reduced buy-ins. Also attracting high rollers, partypoker’s Pokerfest 2015 will feature multiple online games with a $200 buy-in and $500 entry fee. Given the guaranteed payouts of $150,000-$250,000, players are willing to spend a little extra for a shot at a large pot.

Spring is a busy season for poker players, as tournaments online and in-person promise to high guarantees and an opportunity to showcase talent. Unfortunately, tournaments of any kind are subject to fraud. As the Inquisitr reported in 2014, the Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa paid out more than $1 million to players after a tournament player smuggled fake chips into the facility. Because partypoker hosts virtual tournaments, some players feel more confident in its ability to weed out fraudulent players.

In fact, partypoker’s security measures are fairly extensive when compared to other online gaming outlets. As outlined in the company’s FAQs, 128-bit encryption and SSL are used to enhance both game and transactional security on the site. Also built into the site’s design is a feature that makes seeing another player’s cards impossible. Add this level of security to additional layers of monitoring conducted by the company and attempts at cheating partypoker’s system becomes futile.

Following Pokerfest 2015, partypoker NJ is hosting the New Jersey Championship of Online Poker (NJCOP) from April 16-26. According to Poker News, the NJCOP’s tentative schedule was recently released and lists more than 30 events. Prizes totaling $1 million are possible during the 10-day event. Pokerfest 2015’s final event on April 12 will award $300,000 or more to top players.

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