Jimmy Kimmel To Jimmy Fallon On Twitter About ‘Jihad’ Yelling United Airlines Passenger: ‘What Did You Do?!’

Jimmy Kimmel thinks Jimmy Fallon looks a whole lot like the United Airlines passenger who disrupted a flight Monday night and rushed the cockpit yelling “Jihad!” The verified Kimmel Twitter account posted a photo of the man, looking blooded and face down on the ground with his face turned towards the camera.

“oh, @JimmyFallon what did you DO?!”

Admittedly, the photo of the man who caused the disturbance looks a lot like Fallon, a man who is often sent in photos from viewers of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, who claim a variety of everyday folks look like the 40-year-old. Oftentimes during those segments, Fallon dons whatever gear his doppelganger happens to be wearing in the photo to appear to look more like that person. One wonders if Jimmy will adopt the face down pose of the United Airlines passenger on the next appearance of his show, or leave the serious subject matter alone.

Either way, Fallon didn’t lose his sense of humor over the comparison. For his reply, Fallon came back at Kimmel on Twitter with the thoughts that the suspect looked a lot more like a famous folk singer instead of a late night talk show host.

“That’s not me. That’s young Bob Dylan doing Caberet.”

Despite the comedians being able to make light of the melee, the United Airlines airlines passengers on the aborted flight probably weren’t laughing Monday evening when their plane had to turn around due to the unruly passenger yelling “Jihad, Jihad” and charging towards the plane’s cockpit, reports CNN.

The United Airlines flight turned back due to the man not complying with flight instructions, and the other passengers had to restrain the man. The “Jihad” screaming passenger at the butt of Kimmel and Fallon’s jokes was captured on cellphone video, reports E! Online? — a publication that details that the man has not reportedly been arrested. Other passengers on the plane tried to calm him down while restraining him, telling the man — who allegedly has no terrorist connections — that everything would be all right.

No doubt, Fallon fans will most likely look for Jimmy to address this lookalike comparison on his show. As reported by the Inquisitr, fans of Fallon sent his duets segment with Kelly Clarkson to the top of YouTube’s most popular video list, along with giving plenty of views to Jimmy’s opening SNL 40 number with Justin Timberlake earlier this year.

[Image via Kimmel Twitter]

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