Is ‘The Voice’ Ex-Contestant Tess Boyer Actually Missing?

With the wild Robert Durst obsession tearing its way through the media, it’s no wonder that people might be feeling a little paranoid as of late — even for a show as distantly across the spectrum from The Jinx as talent competition The Voice. Tess Boyer, a former contestant on the program, is claimed by some close friends to have disappeared from public life entirely.

UPDATE: Tess herself has now responded to the rumors that she had gone missing. Boyer posted this video about an hour ago to to her YouTube account.

Friends of Tess first became alarmed about a week ago when text messages sent to the missing Voice contestant went unread. Boyer also deleted her social media accounts and has not been attending school, according to friend and Voice competitor Bria Kelly who is leading the current hashtag campaign #FindTessBoyer, which is seeking answers about the location and well-being of Tess.

Of course, rumors that Boyer has gone missing need to be taken with a grain of salt. There has yet to be any kind of official report of her disappearance, and local media say that they have spoken with the Voice contestant — telling them that she is not in any kind of danger. That response, however, isn’t slowing down #FindTessBoyer hashtaggers, who still aren’t convinced that Tess is safe.

Bria and Boyer appeared together on the sixth season of The Voice. As they were both relatively young at the time of their performance on the show, the pair seemed to have formed a bond that has made Tess going “missing” an important cause for Kelly.

Do you think The Voice contestant Tess Boyer has actually gone missing?

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