Stassi Schroeder Adult Tape: ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Shares Alleged Photo From Explicit Video On Instagram [Video]

Stassi Schroeder caused headlines when she revealed that she made a solo sex tape and sent it to an ex-boyfriend a few years ago. This shocking revelation was confirmed during part 2 of the Vanderpump Rules reunion on Monday night, March 16. Since the news leaked, there has been speculation on whether she also leaked a photo from her solo tape to her Instagram account. Meanwhile, fans are also wondering if Stassi sent the tape to then boyfriend Jax Taylor.

Stassi Schroeder’s explicit video hasn’t surfaced on the Internet because of Lisa Vanderpump. According to Reality Tea, she paid off Schroeder’s ex-boyfriend so it would never see the light of day. The report also says that the restaurant aficionado tracked down the anonymous man and paid him “a lot of money” to stop the tape from leaking. Schroeder’s ex-boyfriend also agreed to not sell it to the media.

A source close to the Vanderpump Rules cast said that they also agreed not to leak Stassi’s adult tape. They were also told not to mention it. Lisa added, “This may explain the attitude Stassi’s had for the cast although they were very loyal to her.”

The tape shows the star pleasuring herself with an adult toy. The “graphic” video is reportedly 20 minutes long.

Lisa also took to Twitter to compliment the cast for never mentioning or leaking Stassi Schroeder’s solo sex tape.


It was Stassi herself that made the revelation during the reunion. She accused Sheana Shay and her “group of frenemies” of sharing the video. Some fans thought it was hypocritical of Stassi to mention her adult video when she doesn’t want it to become public knowledge.

Some are wondering if the tape was meant for Jax Taylor’s eyes only. MStarz noted that she made the solo sex tape only a few years ago. Stassi and Jax were also in a serious relationship around that time.

According to Fox News, Schroeder and Taylor were reportedly dating for a few years. The name of the ex-boyfriend she sent the film too was never identified, but that hasn’t stopped fans from wondering if it was really Jax Taylor who saw the tape. Reality Tea quashed the rumors and said that it wasn’t Taylor who was the guy who owns the film.

After Schroeder admitted she had an explicit video, she posted a risque photo to her Instagram account. The photo quickly circulated around social media. Vanderpump Rules fans were also wondering if the photo was a still from Schroeder’s solo sex tape.


She has since removed the photo. Google says that the photo points to her Style By Stassi blog, but it doesn’t appear in any of her posts. It’s a mystery as to where the photo came from, and why she posted it in the first place.

Stassi has kept quiet about her sex tape since part 2 of the Vanderpump Rules reunion. On Wednesday, March 18 she took to Instagram to promote her new podcast, Straight Up With Stassi. She’s also been busy promoting her fashion and jewelry line on Twitter.

It appears that the news and rumors of Stassi Schroeder’s adult tape won’t die down anytime soon.

[Image: Stassi Schroeder via Instagram]

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