‘RHOA’ Phaedra Parks Reveals How She Feels About Kandi Burruss Now

The latest episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta have shown Phaedra Parks and Kandi Burruss’ friendship going through some strain. Long considered to be very good friends, some viewers wondered if Kandi was actually a true friend to Phaedra after Phaedra was confronted by Cynthia Bailey and Kenya Moore with the rumor that she’s having an affair with a “Mr. Chocolate” and Kandi didn’t do anything.

In her latest Bravo blog post, Phaedra revealed how she feels about Kandi now. Phaedra said that she was not surprised that Kandi was so emotional during their friendship talk on Sunday night’s episode.

“I was not surprised when Kandi got so emotional. Kandi and I are very close friends, and I would like to think we are still close. She’s going through some problems with her marriage, had a bad business deal, and was in an emotional state of mind. Throughout this ordeal I’ve reached out to Kandi several times to no avail. Instead of Kandi being upset that I had commented to NeNe about our situation, I just wish she had realized that she hadn’t been very supportive of me when I needed her the most.”

When asked if she feels that she and Kandi resolved their issues after the talk, Phaedra made clear that she has no issues with Kandi now.

“I don’t think Kandi and I have any issues. I was just disappointed she wasn’t more present during the time I really needed her. Kandi is a good person and I will always love her.”

While Phaedra thinks that all is well with Kandi now, Kandi doesn’t seem to have the same opinion. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kandi, in her latest blog post, admitted that she doesn’t know where she stands with Phaedra now because Phaedra obviously doesn’t immediately tell her how she feels about their friendship.

“I don’t know if they’re resolved or not. Obviously she doesn’t tell me when there is a problem. I guess only NeNe or Porsha knows. Or I’ll find out while watching the show. I just find it so crazy that she was confiding in them about how I’m not a good friend… Had the shoe been on the other foot, I would never have discussed our friendship with them before talking to her about it.”

On Sunday night’s episode, Phaedra Parks told NeNe Leakes that she has been there the most for her during her drama with Apollo Nida and that she thought it would’ve been Kandi Burruss who fulfilled that role because she has been there for her through the years. Kandi and Phaedra did end up having a very emotional talk about their friendship, during which Kandi said that she’s going through her own things in life, especially with her musical tour getting canceled, and expressed disappointment that Phaedra spoke to NeNe and Porsha Williams about their friendship instead of to her first. Speaking to the camera, Phaedra later made light of Kandi’s tour getting canceled and said that she has a shortage of friends that she can count on.

As the episode aired, Kandi expressed her irritation with Phaedra via Twitter.

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