Craig Conover Starts Modeling: Will ‘Southern Charm’ Star Drop Law Career?

Southern Charm star Craig Conover was on the first season of the show, but he was very determined and motivated to finish up his law school program. Craig was studying a lot, and he felt that he had quite a bit on the line. Like Conover said himself, he doesn’t have a large amount of money to fall back on like many of his fellow co-stars.

But the pressure has been hard on Craig Conover. As he explained during last night’s episode, his life has completely changed after graduating. Conover is no longer a student and now he has to work at a law firm, which is a struggle for him. Craig isn’t keen on going to work from 9 to 5, as he would prefer to be social, drink and sleep until the afternoon hours.

According to a new Bravo report, Southern Charm star Craig Conover is now revealing that he has been dappling in modeling, which is a very interesting career path. During the preview for this season of Southern Charm, Cameran Eubanks asks Craig what his rock bottom is, hinting that he had lost his house and his job. Of course, with editing, it can be tricky to know if she is referring to Conover, but it is possible it is Craig who is struggling.

“Studying for the bar exam…kind of,” Craig Conover has revealed about what he has been doing since season one ended, adding, “I’ve traveled a lot and started dipping my feet in the modeling world. The time for procrastinating is coming to a near, though, and studying full-time is a non-negotiable necessity. I’m starting to think a big change might be the only way to make this happen.”

Of course, the transition from student to adult is tough on anyone, but Conover is filming a show with people who have money. So it could be easy for Craig to focus on all of the wrong things.

“I think really just accepting the fact that “student life” is over. My responsibilities in the past have always just been passing an exam or turning a term paper in. Now, it seems like I’m facing real work-life responsibility for the first time. No longer is it only me who is affected by my actions, but instead the entire team I work with that is depending on me,” Craig Conover has revealed about growing up and becoming an adult.

It doesn’t sound like Conover is ready to drop out of law for the sake of modeling, but he may just need more time to mature. Craig has been hanging out with Cameran Eubanks while filming Southern Charm, as Cameran’s husband won’t be filming the show with her, according to the Inquisitr. And as they are close friends, Eubanks was quick to offer up some hilarious tweets about Conover as the episode was airing last night.

What do you think of Craig Conover on Southern Charm? Do you think he needs to get his act together?

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