‘Dance Moms’ Spoilers: ‘Nia’s Last Chance’ Brings Pressure For Everybody At Abby’s Studio

A new episode of Dance Moms airs Tuesday night on Lifetime. This one is titled “Nia’s Last Chance,” though she’s not the only one feeling the heat this week. What Dance Moms spoilers are available for the March 17 episode?

A preview via the show’s Facebook page shows that JoJo Siwa is put in a tough position by Abby Lee Miller. Abby has tasked the other dancers with writing a list of both positives and negatives about JoJo. Then, the girls read their lists to JoJo in front of Abby and the moms.

The lists are hard for JoJo to hear and she sheds some tears. After that, however, Abby says that Siwa has earned her Abby Lee Dance Company jacket and she’s now a permanent member of the team.

Also ahead, a Dance Moms spoiler preview via Facebook shows Abby saying that for the first time, the girls will be judged live on-stage. Miller says that this will teach the moms a lesson as the judges will be giving feedback to the girls in front of everybody. However, the moms think that Abby may be the one learning a lesson.

TV Guide teases that Kendall, Maddie, and Nia will all have solos in “Nia’s Last Chance,” and Nia gets an ultimatum from Abby. In addition, Holly aligns with a couple of unlikely people as she pushes back against Abby’s attitude toward her.

How will the dances go? The show’s Wikia page shares the Dance Moms spoilers for this Season 5, Episode 11 show. It seems that the group dance will be a risky piece that is not lyrical, and it is titled “Decadent Darlings.” Will the risk pay off? Abby may say no, as the group reportedly takes third place in the overall standings.

As for the solos, Maddie’s contemporary piece is said to win first place in the overalls. Unfortunately, it seems that neither Kendall or Nia placed with their solos.

Jeanette’s studio is at this competition, and Dance Moms spoilers indicate there are fireworks between Abby and Jeanette. Dance Moms spoilers indicate that Abby walks out prior to Ava’s solo, which may be the tidbit in the previews showing Abby looking upset and exiting the audience.

Just what is the ultimatum that Abby gives Nia? How much more will Nia and Holly take? Many Dance Moms fans wondered if change was in the air when Nia recently had a mini-reunion with former show stars Chloe Lukasiak and Paige Hyland. However, Nia is currently touring abroad with the other Dance Moms girls, so it seems they’re sticking around for now.

Fans still miss Chloe, who is now competing with Studio 19, and Paige, but JoJo and Kalani have a lot of fan support as well. Just how heartbreaking with Tuesday’s episode be to watch? Fans will find out when the Dance Moms episode titled “Nia’s Last Chance” airs on Lifetime.

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