Sofia Vergara Wedding Date: Sofia Says No Date Has Been Set… Yet

Sofia Vergara hasn’t set a wedding date, and suggests that wedding planning has taken a backseat to her career lately. According to Perez Hilton, Sofia denied rumors that she and beau Joe Manganiello postponed their wedding, saying that the two never actually set a date to begin with. This, of course, contradicts what Manganiello said weeks ago — that the two did, in fact, select a date.

“I don’t know, how can something be postponed when it has never been set? It’s really funny… It’s always a lot of fun for girls to plan the wedding,” explained Vergara. “Now I have four months of hiatus. I’m going to be promoting Hot Pursuit, it comes out May 8 with Reese Witherspoon. So the rest of March and April is going to be promoting a movie. Then hopefully I’ll get to do something else during the hiatus,” she added.

Sofia Vergara may have denied setting a wedding date because she doesn’t want anyone to know her business, but it sounds like there isn’t any trouble in paradise as some media outlets have been suggesting.

According to Us Weekly, Joe did an interview a couple of weeks ago where he talked about his sobriety, and while he didn’t say too much about his fiancee, he did confirm that the two had set a date. Before that, Vergara hinted at a time frame for her upcoming nuptials, but not an exact date.

“We’re kind of busy so we’re trying to do it maybe [this] fall. It’s going to be big. We started off with 20 [on the guest list], and now there’s like pages and pages,” Vegara said at the 2015 SAG Awards.

Sofia and Joe got engaged in Hawaii in December after dating for a few months.

Sofia Vergara may not have a wedding date, but is she already planning for a baby? As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there has been quite a bit of chatter about these two actors reproducing. Sources say that the two want to have a baby together, and that they have found a surrogate to carry their child.

“Sofia already took fertility injections and had her eggs frozen in preparation. When Manolo was born, she was too young and scared to relax and enjoy being a mom. Now she’s mature and successful enough to really appreciate the experience. Sofia has a very close friend who knew how much she wanted to be a second-time mom, so she’s volunteered to carry the child,” shared a source.

So, what will come first? A wedding or a baby?

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