‘Star Wars 3D’ Can’t Match Rachel McAdams and ‘The Vow’ [Video]

The re-released Star Wars 3D movie had a pretty good opening weekend but it was no match for Rachel McAdams and The Vow. Star Wars – Episode 1: The Phantom Menace 3D brought in $1.1 million during its midnight opening and is on track to bring in $20 million for the weekend.

The Vow, on the other hand, took in $15.4 million and is projected to take in close to $40 million by the end of the weekend. Reuters reports that Safe House also had a good Friday with a $13.8 million take.

The Star Wars 3D movie may not be at the top of the box office but George Lucas said that he didn’t re-release the movie for ticket sales. (He has plenty of those. Since 1977 the Star Wars franchise has brought in more than $4 billion in ticket sales.) Lucas said that he wants to give a new generation a chance to see the movie on the big screen. And this time, he’s excited to do it in 3D.

Lucas told the Hollywood Reporter:

Star Wars is one of those films — old films — that was designed for the big screen. It makes a big difference to see it on the big screen with the overwhelming sound, the picture and now 3D. We’ve had two generations be able to see it on the big screen and it was great. Now kids who have never seen it on the big screen, who have no idea how powerful it was — because all they had was DVD — have that chance.”

The three prequel Star Wars movie have been widely panned by fans of the original movies and it doesn’t look like 3D is helping the cause. Newsday writes:

“Star Wars: Episode 1 — The Phantom Menace” got dismissive reviews in 1999, and it deserves the same today. But you probably know that.”

Lucas says that he plans to one Star Wars movie a year in 3D for the next five years. Do you want to see the original series in 3D?

Here’s the trailer for Star Wars – Episode 1: The Phantom Menace 3D.

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