Ryan Reynolds Talks About Giving Denzel Washington a Black Eye During ‘Safe House’ Filming [Video]

Actor Ryan Reynolds says he felt rather sheepish on the set of his new thriller “Safe House” when he forgot to turn off his cellphone during an intense scene.

He and co-star Denzel Washington were forced to re-shoot an otherwise perfect scene when the phone went off in Reynold’s pocket.

Explaining himself during an appearance on “The Late Show With David Letterman,” Reynolds revealed he mistakenly forgot to switch out his real phone for a prop and the device switched into iPod mode, instantly blasting Frank Sinatra’s “Come Fly With Me.”

“It was probably the most intense emotional scene in the film,” Reynold’s told Letterman, recounting the ordeal. “So I’m there and he’s doing this scene, it’s gorgeous and I guess my bony little [bleep] has pressed the button on the phone … and suddenly I hear, ‘Come Fly With Me’ … And I guess I activated the iPod on the thing.”

Despite the embarrassing snafu, Washington, being the professional he is, continued on with his lines as his mortified co-star laid the blame on a fellow cast member, fearing he was as good as dead after ruining the Training Day star’s monologue.

Reynolds jokingly explained he wanted to be “legally dead” at that point for making such a rookie mistake.

Safe House hits theaters today. Watch the trailer for the movie below:

The cellphone mishap wasn’t Ryan’s only blunder however, as the Green Lantern star explains he also accidentally gave Denzel a black eye during the production of “Safe House.”

“We’re having a pretty intense fight scene in the car and we’re all over the place,” Ryan told Letterman. “And I felt my head connect with something tall, dark, and expensive. It was pretty awful.”

“He gave me a look like, ‘You can’t believe you just gave Denzel Washington a black eye,'” Reynolds added.

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