Did Giuliana Rancic Have A Rift With Kathy Griffin & Kelly Osbourne?

Rumors are swirling that Giuliana Rancic was the real reason why Kathy Griffin and Kelly Osbourne quit Fashion Police. But In Touch Weekly tells a different story on Monday night. The weekly tabloid says that Giuliana was not the reason behind Kathy’s departure from the popular fashion show.

A source close to Griffin says that she simply wasn’t interested in her hosting gig at Fashion Police.

“Kathy has been in the business for a really long time, she sells out tickets for her shows and she is no stranger to drama. But after her reality show, she doesn’t want to do something that makes her unhappy just for a paycheck. She is too old for this crap.”

Her leaving had nothing to do with Giuliana Rancic, though it’s been reported that she was cause for Kathy Griffin and Kelly Osbourne’s sudden departure.

“Everyone at E! is not sure how to approach saving the show with Giuliana because she is so upset and stressed about the whole ordeal. She feels like she is viewed as the enemy and the one who has wrecked the show when she hasn’t.”

WebProNews that Griffin vows not to speak to Rancic ever again. It all started when the E! News host made a remark about Zendaya Coleman’s appearance on the 2015 Oscars red capret. Rancic said that the Disney star looks like she smells like “patchouli and weed,” a response to the actress’ dreadlocks. Some viewers thought that Griffin herself made the racist remark. This caused Rancic to place the blame on Griffin rather than to admit to it.

A source spoke to Radar Online about the Fashion Police controversy.

“Giuliana tried blaming Kathy and said that it was actually her fault, but later changed her tune to say it was the writer’s fault. Kathy did not appreciate being blamed and Giuliana showed her true colors by trying to throw her under the bus.”

Rancic has since apologized Griffin for placing the blame of her, but the comedian is having none of it, says the source.

“Kathy is done with the drama and she is done with Giuliana. Kathy has not spoken to Giuliana and she has no intentions of ever speaking to her again, unless she has to.”

It’s also been reported that Rancic’s constant diva demands and insecurity issues with her weight made things difficult in the workplace. Her remarks about Coleman made it easy for both Griffin and Osbourne to quit Fashion Police.

“Giuliana’s entourage of a stylist, make-up artist, and assistant, plus her constant need for attention, were absolutely stunning to Kathy. She is extremely low-maintenance, and doesn’t need to pay people to follow her around all day. Tapings of ‘Fashion Police’ were awful because Giuliana constantly needed to have her make-up re-touched. Her face was always in front of a mirror. Kathy wanted to turn it into a skit for her comedy act! Giuliana was always seeking approval and compliments from the crew of ‘Fashion Police,’ and if she wasn’t being validated, there were tears. This is a grown woman, not a teenager.”

Kathy said that she’s “surprised” that her leaving the show was a big deal. As previously reported on the Inquisitr, she revealed that she was shocked by the public’s reaction to her quitting. Kathy obviously didn’t realize that the show was such a big deal.

What are your thoughts on Kathy Griffin and Kelly Osbourne leaving Fashion Police? Do you think that Giuliana Rancic is to blame?

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