iPad Mini 4 May Hit Shelves Before Microsoft Surface Pro Mini

Since the iPad Mini 3 was released late last year, consumers didn’t expect a new iPad Mini so soon. However, that may change. According to the Christian Post, we could see the new iPad Mini in the next month or so. The site uses other sources to conclude that we could see an unveiling of the iPad Mini 4 as soon as April.

According to Venture Capital Post, the iPad Mini 4 will produce the specs people originally expected of the iPad Mini 3.

“The iPad Mini 4 is said to live up to the supposedly [sic] specs for the iPad Mini 3. Recalling the speculation last year, the iPad Mini 3 was expected to run on an A8 processor, however, it had stuck to its predecessor’s A7 processor and adding only a Touch ID feature. The iPad Mini 4 is expected to run on an A8 processor, the same processor that the iPhone 6 runs with. It will feature an 802.11 AC connectivity. The iPad Mini 4 is said to sport a laminated screen, like the iPad Mini 2. This would make the Mini 4 more solid and cut off from internal reflections.”

The iPad Mini 4 will eventually have to compete with Microsoft’s upcoming tablet, the Surface Pro Mini. The tablet was cancelled last year right before it was supposed to be released in June, along with the Surface Pro 3. However, many sources are saying that the tablet will likely see the light of day. According to International Business Times, the Surface Pro Mini may be larger than consumers originally expected.

“The Surface Pro Mini is expected to feature an 8-inch or 10.1-inch display. Microsoft was speculated to be working on launching a smaller edition of Surface slate since 2012, but it was reportedly cancelled. “

The Surface Pro Mini was originally said to run Windows RT. However, sources such as Design and Trend say the device will actually run Windows 10. It will also come with a digital stylus for note-taking and drawing. The iPad Mini 4 and all the recent iPad releases do not have digital input capabilities, even though one can use a capacitive rubber stylus. The upcoming iPad Pro, however, is said to include a stylus for digital input.

Apple is facing decreasing tablet sales, especially in the wake of the tablet-like iPhone 6 Plus. If they do release the iPad Mini 4 soon, they better have an extended marketing campaign to convince consumers why the mini tablet is still relevant. Most consumers are looking for advanced tablet devices that can be a laptop replacement. Would you purchase an iPad Mini 4? Tell us in the comments section.

[Photo by Bloomberg for Getty Images]

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