Reporter Natarsha Belling Appears On The Air With A Penis-Shaped Neckline On Her Jacket

The world may love watching the news and seeing what tragedies or amazing stories are to be told. Well, the world is focusing on something else, thanks to Australian TV personality Natarsha Belling appearing on the air wearing a jacket with a penis-shaped neckline.

The “penis-shaped neckline” has started a social media frenzy, according to the Mirror, and it’s one that has sparked every joke imaginable. Some are calling the jokes immature, but others just keep letting them roll out.

Belling was on Ten’s Eyewitness News on Sunday and wore a green jacket with a black top underneath it. It seems like it would be just a normal outfit for anyone on television or not, but it didn’t end up being that way.

The Daily Mail reported that the penis-shaped neckline created by her top landed on Facebook and actually ended up being shared 110,000 times in a matter of hours. It had a simple caption, one that truly won’t be forgotten.

“Once you see it, you cannot unsee it.”

Maybe that’s true, and maybe it isn’t, but no one has really wanted to forget seeing the penis-shaped neckline on Natarsha Belling’s top anyway.

On the photo, comments were being made left and right with new jokes. One person named Ruben Haywood simply wrote, “Like if you came here to find out what it is.” That one comment got over 27,000 likes all on its own.

News bloopers are nothing new, and many slip-ups and mistakes often end up trending and going viral online. People love to see real people mess up in real occasions, and that doesn’t matter if the topic being reported is a serious one either.

Unfortunately for Belling, no one happened to spot the wardrobe mishap before she took her seat and got on the air.

As of Monday evening, Natarsha Belling had yet to make any comment about the penis-shaped neckline. Obviously, she doesn’t want to add more fuel to the fire and give everyone more to talk about. One does have to wonder if she finds it nearly as humorous as most of the rest of the world.

[Image via Channel 10]

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