New ‘GTA V Online’ Update Released On Xbox One, Xbox 360 Over The Weekend

After launching last Friday on Playstation platforms, the newest title update for Grand Theft Auto V is now available to download on the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Deciding to not take a break over the weekend, Rockstar Games announced from their official support website that the recent patch for GTA V has now been launched across all consoles.

This latest minor update was deployed following the release of Grand Theft Auto V‘s new online heist missions. The patch is primarily intended to increase server stability for those enjoying the new content added to the online multiplayer mode of GTA V. Rockstar Games has also confirmed that the title update applies several fixes to various issues that the developer has discovered within GTA Online as well as the title’s original single player campaign. However, the team did not go into specific details regarding these minor tweaks.

Before the newest GTA V update was released on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 on Sunday, Rockstar Games had previously released the patch to Playstation owners. After the title update was made available to Sony platforms, the developer reassured Xbox fans from their official Twitter support account that the new patch for GTA V would also soon make its way to Xbox platforms.

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Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS, PS4, PS3)

Keeping their promise, Rockstar Games worked through the weekend so that fans of Grand Theft Auto V could also enjoy the game’s new title update regardless of what console they own by launching the patch on the Xbox One and Xbox 360 just two days after the download first became available on the PS4 and PS3.

Many gamers will be pleased to receive the new online stability update since the online servers for GTA V have been stressed after online heists were finally added to the game this past Tuesday. The extra traffic from GTA V users wanting to try out the new co-op robberies has created a series of problems for those wanting to connect to the title’s online services over the previous week. After the GTA Online servers were unavailable for most immediately following the launch of online heists, it is refreshing to see Rockstar Games continue to improve server performance.

In an attempt to compensate for server issues, GTA V fans created a website that allows users to find other players to team up with in order to take on the new online heist missions. As recently reported by the Inquisitr, the community-built web tool was designed so that players could avoid long waits and disconnects that could be experienced by those using GTA V‘s in-game matchmaking system.

Have you experienced any problems with the online servers of Grand Theft Auto V following the release of online heists?

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