Kanye West Tweets Nude Photos Of His Wife, Kim Kardashian — ‘SWISH!!!!’ West Declares

Kanye West apparently had some time on his hands Monday morning, so he decided to jump onto Twitter and share a few nude pictures of his wife, Kim Kardashian, with the world. The series of Kanye tweets was apparently meant as a form of congratulations to Kardashian for attaining the lofty goal of 30 million Twitter followers.

West also congratulated his spouse and mother of his child on the season premiere of her TV show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Granted, the photos tweeted out by Kanye West on Monday were not explicit or overly graphic, and in each, the 34-year-old Kardashian is seen discretely covering herself with her hands and arms, giving the photos a tasteful veneer.

Still, it may have seemed unusual for any husband to display nude photos of his wife to anyone, much less an audience of millions.

“It may not be the sort of emotional support most people think of when they think about husbands championing their working wives, but it seems about right for the Kardashian-West household,” noted Salon editor Jenny Kutner.

The nude photos appear to be taken from a photo shoot depicted in the Sunday night season premiere episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, in which Kim — who made big news last November with a far more graphic nude photo spread in Paper Magazineexplained why she was once again allowing herself to be photographed au naturel.

“If I get pregnant again soon, my body is going to totally transform again so I’m doing this photo shoot today naked,” Kim Kardashian said in the program. “I just want to capture my body and have these photos to last forever.”

That was the same episode in which, in one scene, Kim announces to her visiting sisters, “I just had sex before you got here.”

Because Kardashian is, she says, attempting to get pregnant with the couple’s second child, in the show she then asks her sister to “wait five minutes” while Kanye West’s “sperm to swim up there,” and “marinate.”

You can see video of that memorable Kim Kardashian moment at this link.

Kanye West clearly feels he is “lucky” to be married to a woman with a body as photogenic as that of Km Kardashian, as he expressed by declaring “I’m so lucky,” and “SWISH!!!!” with the nude photos that he shared with the world via Twitter on Monday.

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