Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus Have the Same Tattoo

Last August Miley Cyrus revealed a small tattoo on her finger. Turns out that her former Disney pal Vanessa Hudgens has the same tattoo. Hudgens, who is currently promoting her new movie “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island,” revealed her “Om symbol” tattoo to Access Hollywood.

Hudgens said that she found out about the identical ink at the People’s Choice Awards this year. Hudgens said:

“I got to see Miley that was really nice. We found out that we have the same tattoo… It’s an om [symbol]. She has one right (on her finger.)”

Hudgens said that the symbol helps her spread positive energy and to center herself. Hudgens also said that some people don’t like her tattoo but that she’s proud of her body and her tattoo. Hudgens said:

“My body is my body. I love myself and I think you’ve got to be proud of the body. You have and own it.”

What do you think of Vanessa Hudgens tattoo?

“Journey 2: The Mystery Island,” opened in theaters today. Here’s a preview from Hudgens’ new movie.

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