Facebook Terms Of Service: Don’t Post Criminal Activity Or Sexual Content, Or It Will Be Removed

The Facebook terms of service have been updated to further keep your shenanigans legal. The administrators aren’t allowing posts with questionable content anymore.

If you mention anything about committing a crime, describe sexual activity in detail, or try to sell drugs, Facebook has the right to remove the post. It is still unclear if the new guidelines apply to private messages, but I wouldn’t recommend risking it.

According to Guardian Liberty Voice, Facebook posts can be used against you in the court of law. If you brag about your crimes, such as driving drunk, killing someone, or the like, it’s the equivalent of a signed confession. The police can use that information to contribute to your case, including the location you were at when the post was made.

Keep it in mind that the new Facebook terms of service are not there to protect you. The site administrators are protecting themselves from FCC guidelines. If it’s not safe for work, or a hate crime, they don’t want it on the site.

The guidelines for sexual content in photographs have also been better defined. No bare buttocks (male or female), genitalia, or breasts showing nipples are allowed. The only exception is post-mastectomy scars, as long as nipples don’t enter the picture.

Other guidelines listed by Fox News include the use of fake names, which have accidentally been the bane of Native Americans, drag queens, and celebrities, as previously reported by the Inquisitr. No hate speech, legitimate threats, bullying, shaming, or celebration of a crime committed will be allowed, unless it’s used as content rallying against those things.

The new Facebook terms of service are really easy to follow if you simply use discretion in what you post publicly. Even private messages may be used to solve crimes or hunt down fugitives.

Remember that children still use Facebook, and limit your posts to what you want police to know about you, and you should be fine.

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